Saturday, May 1, 2021

A book and a quizz

I've recently read a book by a Portuguese author, Helena Pato, where she shares some of her experience and views on how it was to live in dictatorship and the transition to democracy. The Portuguese revolution happened in April of 1974 and it obviously celebrated by many, but I can only imagine how it had a special flavor for those who lived with fear before. 

I liked the book because it offers a personal view of what happened. The author says she didn't intend to write a biography so we don't have that much detail about her personal life except what mattered to her journey as a Resistance member an what she felt in some moments/situations.

I'd say this book is worth it for the descriptions of what was going on and how some historical moments were lived by the population. However, the author keeps making references to certain things, not that often but here and there, at the same time also saying that was not important for this tale and such. I wonder, then, why bother adding these things? I confess I finished the book feeling somewhat hurt by how some of her words made certain facts seem diminished in her eyes while I feel society should appreciate them more.

Nevertheless, these no fiction books about key moments in the history of a country, especially in this case where a dictatorship ended, should be liked for that aloe, if not for how it was written....because, sadly, history tends to repeat itself and the world is crazy....
Grade: 7/10



I often check the fun/entertaining quizzes at Buzzfeed, mostly because it's an easy way to spend the time. I particularly like the quizzes or games which are related to books or libraries and even the ones with wonderful images of book related stuff.

This is one of those:

I find these games to be really cute, it does help to give an idea of how I wish my dream home to be 😊

Anyway, happy weekend and happy reading!

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