Monday, August 15, 2022

A book and a wish

I've recently read this book by a Portuguese author. She is mostly known for her academic work rather
than her fictional books but since this was a small books with short stories, I saw it at the library and thought would be a good way to get to know her writing.

I actually feel glad because I did enjoy this one. There are 14 short stories, if I remember well, 4 or 5 could be labeled "fantasy" and the others are just thoughts put into a small plot. I think the writing was simple, straightforward and with enough metaphors to add zest but without being difficult to understand or over the top.

My favorite story was the one which gives this book the title. It can be literally translated into "the woman who seized the rain", about a place in a distant region where it stopped raining and the community blamed a woman. The story is based on an old African tale and re-created into a more modern setting, which I found well done and quite provocative, especially because of how the community solved the drought issue. This shows me the author not only thought on how to respect ideas but on how to give them her personal twist.

I will certainly read something else, another time I visit my local library and I'm in the mood for a Portuguese author.
Grade: 8/10


The last time I left a "happy weekend" post, I suggested a pool, because it was hot and what else does it call for if not cool water? I'm not such a fan of a beach anymore, so pool it is.

I've googled pools, and wanted to share where I'd love to be right now, if I could wish for any scenario, of course with my beloved book beside me when I would be tired of being in the water, and this one in the island of Madeira is perfect for it's natural too!

Happy reading!



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