Friday, February 10, 2023

Hailey Turner - Two novellas

These are two novellas in the Metahuman Files series by Hailey Turner. The last full length book I've read in the series had presented a satisfying end to the main story line, even though there are still a few loose threads, which I'm certain would be solved in these novellas and in the last book, which I'll read next month.

Each novella has an independent plot, but a lot of the content is related to the previous books. I think the structure of each one is done well enough for things to be understood by a new reader but, seriously, I believe it would still be confusing and would make a new reader feel lost among certain information.

New Horizons is the immediate follow-up to the events of the last installment. Now that the Alpha Team has been put on reserve because of how their identities were exposed to the public, most of them went on with personal projects, even though they remain in contact. Trevor "Bones" Sanchez, a telekinetic, has decided to finally have his medical degree to become a surgeon.

One day, while about to start a new class, the alarm sounds with the warning about an attack in the hospital and Trevor doesn't let his now civilian state stop him from helping. That is how he meets Brendan. a EMT who is caught in the crossfire with the attacker. Trevor helps him and because the attacker seemed to focus on Brendan, it is decided he should be watched. 
Of course this is the easiest way for them to spend some time together we see their attraction feels genuine, which means their romance stars in a good way. I think it was still a bit too quick and too easy, considering their personalities and the fact they had just recently met. I confess I got a very superficial notion about them, and Trevor felt like a slightly softer version of Jamie, in his need to be in control and such. I think the author could have worked out their dynamics better.

As for the plot, the enemy is caught at some point and all is relatively solved, but still some loose threads are left to wonder and to justify the remaining stories. All in all, a pretty average novella to me.
Grade: 6/10

Fire in the Heart is another novella featuring established couple Alexei and Sean. These are probably my favorite characters in the series, their relationship, dynamics and emotions the ones I like to spend more time reading about. In this novella, they finally get married and while some details were certainly too sugary, I don't think it was that bad anyway, they do deserve to have a steady and unbreakable HEA. Things become challenging again when, during their honeymoon in the south of France, information about a previous enemy (on the run) hint at the fact he might be there as well.

Conveniently, Liam, a British officer who has been a secondary character, whom we will see have his HEA in the final book, is there as part of a MI6 mission and he is the one who warns the guys. They decided to set up things so that they might catch the villain but of course things don't go as smoothly. I say "of course" because it is obvious the author will solve everything in the last book, and this novella was like a step to explain why we will hear about certain details then.

I think this one worked out better as novella; has a couple who doesn't need to create a bond and alludes to people and facts which on't need much time to be solved. Obviously, though, it does not work as a standalone story without having more knowledge of the other books.
Grade: 8/10

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