Monday, April 29, 2013

Elisabeth Naughton - Enraptured

Orpheus -- To most he's an enigma, a devil-may-care rogue who does whatever he pleases whenever he wants. Now this loose cannon is part of the Eternal Guardians -- elite warriors assigned to protect the human realm -- whether he likes it or not.
Orpheus has just one goal: to rescue his brother from the Underworld. He's not expecting a woman to get in the way. Especially not a Siren as gorgeous as Skyla. He has no idea she's an assassin sent by Zeus to seduce, entrap, and ultimately destroy him.
Yet Skyla herself might have the most to lose. There's a reason Orpheus feels so familiar to her, a reason her body seems to crave him. Perhaps he's not the man everyone thinks... The truth could reveal a deadly secret as old as the Eternal Guardians themselves. 

Comment: This is another installment on the Eternal Guardians series by Elisabeth Naughton. This time, it’s Orpheus’s story. He has been the guy in the sidelines, never belonging to anything, always suspected to being able to betrayal, but having to be dealt with because he is half brother to one of the Argonauts. In his book, we find out Orpheus is a lot more than we expected.

This story is about Orpheus and his sort of quest to help his half brother after the terrible thing that happened to him in the last book. Orpheus isn’t sure of much, but he knows Gryphon is the true hero and will do anything to make things right again.
Skyla is a Siren, a warrior from Athena’s military faction. She has a past she tried to put aside which is connected to Orpheus. She is led to believe Orpheus has something bad inside, his daemon side is the powerful one and she has to get something from him and kill him, before he gains more power. But after meeting each other things start to happen and Skyla finally realizes she has been a pawn and Orpheus isn’t who he used to be.

As far as a continuation of a series, this book is alright. I mean, it wasn’t the most amazing thing in the world, but the action moved a bit forward and we got to know more things about the people in there and even get clues about interesting and a bit mysterious things too.
So, it’s almost all good, and I enjoyed reading it. The romance also had some strong moments, but it wasn’t spectacular. Why? Because it was based on a kind of supposition, something that annoys me in books. They were a couple in the past, although none of them knew until they had sex and after that only Skyla remembered. It’s tricky to explain, but it certainly wasn’t the type of romance I think would be the best to Orpheus because his characters has been following a certain mode and I don’t think this romance suited him.
Orpheus has been characterized as a rebel, someone not caring when obviously we as readers knew there was something good about him. I thought he would be swept in love by someone and not put in the position of already having had a romance and now his new self not remembering a thing. How to explain without spoilers? He used to be someone and now he’s changed and I think this didn’t have to be, I wanted him to be his own person, which he ended up being, but the premise itself was a bit weird and I really thought it wasn’t the best. Although the author has stressed in the story how Skyla now loves the man Orpheus is and not what he used to be and that Orpheus knows this to, I think why all the trouble? It didn’t add that much conflict to the storyline so it could have been gone. Anyway, it happened and it’s done but I still think didn’t suit…
The action, like I said, moved along and offered many interesting scenes and details. I’m very curious to see how the new romance will happen, as I know who the next par will be. It was also funny to see the previous couples show up and participate in the story, it’s always good to see the characters from before don’t just disappear. We also have scenes with some more key characters, especially one of them whose story I can’t wait for and I know it will be the next one to be released.
This book was a god installment, but the romance could have been better in my opinion.

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