Monday, July 22, 2013

Morgan Hawke - Tempestuous

In fairy tales, foxes are said to be possessed by demonic spirits - but especially fox masks. Rusty is a professional costumer with an exotic black fox mask that he'd created after a strange accident in the woods his senior year in high school -- an accident that left an odd scar on his throat. An accident he can't remember. As far as Rusty's concerned, what he doesn't know can't hurt him. A gorgeous young actor with the same face from Rusty's most erotic dreams, walks into Rusty's costume shop claiming that he has a fox mask just like Rusty's, though white. "I'll show you mine, if you show me yours." Rusty is about to discover that what he doesn't know - hasn't forgotten him at all.

Comment: Like with most books I own, this is another one I had here since..I don't even remember when. It was here and since I have this personal rule of reading two LGBT books  every month..this time, this one was one of them.

This is a fantasy story, based on the myth of the fox kines.These beings are part of the oriental cultures, namely the Japanese, and the author included them in this shounen-ai story.
Rusty is an artistic, he creates masks and costumes and is successful at his work. He has a dark fox mask he created after an accident when he was younger and that was the starting point of his career. One day he meets Shiro, who ordered costumes to a play where he participates, and is as if they knew each other but that can't be possible, since Rusty doesn't remember him. However, Shiro says he has a mask too, but in white. This can't be possible either, for Rusty only did the one he has. But things are about to come to the surface and Rusty will definitely have to deal with it.

I liked this story. I didn't love it but I liked to spend the time I had to get it read. It's a more substantial read than Torrid - which I have too - but fantasy, where Torrid is contemporary.
The author has a very direct style, she doesn't spend very long on details, unless they're part of the story. On one hand, this is good, for the reader doesn't have to feel things take too long..but it has the other side, where some parts of the story start to feel a bit rushed. This happened specially at the end, where a whole new lot of possibilities begun and the reader is left wondering what might happen, how things work there...this is a case where a bigger story or a follow up would be welcome.
The characters were both very interesting. I liked their characterization, although at some points I wish we could've seen a bit more of Shiro's thoughts. I guess it's an author's trademark, the POV from only one character, but some parts really could've used Shiro's. As for their behavior in the story, well, to be expected. Nothing amazing happened, because after a while you get to see what happened to Rusty and what the meaning of all the clues about him and his art and his past. Still, a very entertaining story.
I still have one story by the author to read...probably next year...

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