Monday, July 15, 2013

To give vent to

I'm so annoyed at my computer and internet connection you wouldn't believe it. I'm on line since 9am and it's now noon and the only thing I manage to accomplish was to see my email and open up this page. It's true, in three hours this was the only thing possible. 
I've said I was going to buy a laptop and I will, on wednesday, whether ordering it on line or in the store I'm going to that day. It's just that the situation has become unbearable. Sometimes it would work great some days, not so good others but I'd still manage. Now I have to hope for good days and even so I can't do everything I'd have liked. It's more than annoying.
Then there's work. I work afternoons and nights, and I don't always have the free time to just be on line. These past 3 weeks have been full of cleaning the house and work, so no time at all to be on line. Hopefully, with half my vacation time ready to start on wednesday, I'll be able to update what I want.
Now that I'm writing this, I'm positive it will take me forever to publish because there are times, when the internet is slower, that takes me almost one hour to publish a post. I'm several posts behind and I really wanted to post them all before the challenge post on wednesday but I'm afraid I won't be able to, how annoying.
This is just a feel sorry for myself post really, but I just wanted to explain why I didn't post and that it wasn't all due to cleaning. I'm really hopeful that after the 17th things start to be better and faster, or at least since next week when I'll have the whole day to post. It's just that, this situation is so annoying that many times I just turn the computer off because I no longer have patience or the will of heart to be wasting electricity that is so expensive yo just be waiting for the computer to want to work.
I really, really hope things will get better, otherwise I don't know if I can stop myself from exploding.


  1. Hi S.
    Hope things get better for you soon! :-)

  2. Internet and computer woes are the worst when you are a blogger and or social media addict. Seriously..

  3. Hello ladies. Yes, today things a re better, but this is so random that I really need a new computer. I decided to get a laptop because I have a rooter in my house (because of cable tv and internet services) and I didn't want to spend more money on that, so with a laptop I can go some place else in the house where the signal is better..or maybe the wireless the laptop now brings has a bigger reaching area or something...I just need a faster computer, because most times it takes me the whole morning and more to do simple things like checking the email and visiting the usual's both frustrating and bothersome. I'm buying it tomorrow, yay.