Monday, October 7, 2013

Blog Anniversary

My blog is three years old!
It was back in October 2010 I started and now, three years later, here it is still.
I'm planning to add up grades at the end of my comments just to make it more far it will be the only thing I'm doing differently from now on. I'm not that computer savvy to change many things and I don't know what I could do, so, if anyone has an idea, I'll accept it, but I'll only change something if it's easy lol
At this point I can't celebrate this with prizes or gifts or anything, but who knows, if I'm still here next might happen.

I only have to thank everyone who visits and talks about it in their own blogs. Thank you!!!
See you next time. :)



  1. Uau 3 anos parabéns! a sério, bloggar por vezes é mais difícil do que parece e chegar ao marco de 3 anos é muito bom!

    Parabéns Sónia! Confesso que não percebi muito bem o que pretendes..ideias em termos de estrutura de opiniões? é isso? ou ideias para o blog?


    1. Olá Mafi...
      Tinha pensado coisas gerais, sobre o aspecto ou funcionalidade..mas qualquer critica seria bem vinda.
      Obrigada por teres passado por aqui. :)

  2. Sonia! Happy Blogiversary! Three years already... may you have many, many more, my friend. :)

    I so enjoy reading your critiques and reviews, and the variety of books you read. :)

    Hugs, and congrats again!