Thursday, November 14, 2013

Morgan Hawke / Amy Lane

Rory knows better than to get involved with someone whose first love is their Job. Unfortunately, chief of Security Jin won't take no for an answer. 
Rory has a rather intimidating personal problem: Teradyne Corporation's chief of security, Jin. Despite his attraction to the dark-haired elite, Rory knows better than to get involved with someone who's first love is their Job. Unfortunately, Jin doesn't seem to want to take 'no' for an answer.

Comment: I've had this one to read for a long time and I only got it because I enjoyed some other things by the author. However, this one fell flat because it was a short story and I don't think it as enough time to develop the characters or their personalities. The storyline had interesting elements but the personal side wasn't as well done. I didn't feel any empathy towards the two main characters and when the story ended I wasn't sorry to see it over. This is set in a futuristic world bu I wished for a more conventional personal development.
Grade: 3/10

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Humans have the option of separation, divorce, and heartbreak—for Corinne Carol-Anne Kirkpatrick,
sorceress and queen of the vampires, the choices are limited to love or death. Now that she is back at Green’s hill and assuming her duties as leader, her life is, at best, complicated. Bracken and Nicky are rivalling for her affections, Green is gone taking care of his people, and a new supernatural enemy is threatening the sanctity of all she has come to love. Throw in a family reunion gone bad, a supernatural psychiatrist and a killer physics class, and Cory’s life isn’t just complex, it’s psychotic. Cory needs to get her act and her identity together, and soon, because the enemy she and her lovers are facing is a nightmare that doesn’t just kill people, it unmakes them. If she doesn’t figure out who she is and what her place is on Green’s hill, it’s not just her life on the line. She knows from hard experience that the only thing worse than facing death is facing the death of someone she loves.
Because loving people is easy—living with them is what takes the real work, and it’s even harder if you’re BOUND.

Comment: This is the third story in this series and this time there's another villain to conquer. The story doesn't run away from what we were used to in the first two books, but as always we see a lot of inner thoughts and interactions. Although the storyline doesn't feel like it's that different, there's no doubt it provides quite the emotional ride because all characters show their feelings, their issues and t some point everything is discussed. I think the author does  good job showing the reader what can be inside someone's head, no matter the humanity of the subject. This isn't as bad or as good as I thought after the first book, but I can't say it isn't emotional and thoughtful.
Grade: 6/10

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