Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Kat Murray - Taking the Reins

Peyton Muldoon needs a man bad. No, not that way. What she needs is a trainer for her struggling stud ranch. And only a true life horse whisperer will do, a man with the right touch and real know how.
Redford Callahan’s on a hot streak. Not in the sack. But with the ranch owners who hire him to gentle their animals without breaking their spirit. He can pick and choose his next gig, so he’ll be damned if he’s going to waste his time on a mismanaged operation like the M-Star. Not until Peyton sashays into his motel room one night to make him a deal he can’t refuse. Now Red’s days as a loner are numbered and he’s starting to wonder if there’s one spitfire he won’t be able to tame…

Comment: I got this book after seeing a review in Hilcia's blog.
I thought it would me something along my references and I was curious to see if I'd find the romance as balanced as Hilcia said. I've had it since last year, but I kept moving it along until finally january it was.

This is the story of Peyton Muldoon, she's the only person in her remaining family to care about the ranch where she grew up. She's been taking care of things but the ranch isn't safe yet and she knows she needs to change many things before putting the ranch's name in everyone's path. Peyton wants to have a successful ranch and she nows having a known and respected trainer for her horses would speed that so that is why she asks Red Callahan even though they seem to despise each other. But with time, it's obvious it isn't so...

I liked the story yes, but I also felt the author took the easy way here and there in several situations. I guess it's as good tactic as everything else, but I think the story could have used a more serious tone at times, I don't know how to explain it better.

The romance was believable enough I think, personally I'd have preferred to see a better acceptance of their feelings for each other sooner or the opposite, they could have "fought" a bit longer so their reunion could have been sweeter. I guess my issue is Peyton at first kept saying he was proud and could do anything so why would he bother with her ranch so I was really surprised by how quickly she invited him to work for her. Ok, speed was needed to move things along, but in a real world people don't swallow their own pride so fast and as politely as Peyton, at least in their own heads. Peyton was a grown up and she knew what the right thing was, but even in her inner thoughts she accepted the right thing to do so easily, it didn't seem to match the outside vibe she gave...

As for herself and Red's relationship, well after they got together for the first time it was more balanced I think, they sort of matched. I thin their romance had a real fast ending, until the end things weren't as boldly stated even if understood, but they talked about it really fast and that was that. I expected a bit more feeling.

Red was interesting to know, his issues seemed deep and strong to deal with. I think he had a positive attitude abut the whole thing, personally I know it's not always easy to just accept the other's faults like that, but thinking he had years to deal with it...still, his behavior was understandable. And I liked how he decided he could be happy and have a happier future.

The plot was OK. Not much of a surprise after some clues and really obvious after a while into the story. I liked how we got to see the other characters have an important role already and I'm curious about the next stories. I hope they're good. 
Grade: 7/10


  1. I'm glad that you somewhat enjoyed this book, Sonia. I really liked Red in this book. I believe I have the book that follows this one in my TBR -- about the brother. I just need to pick it up. :)

    1. Hello!
      I'm going to read the other two as well...probably later on this year...