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Jet Mykles - Lance

Years ago Lance and Gordon fell in love when the bass player and band manager were part of The Might. The band was led by a rich, self important genius and everything was just great as long as no one rocked the boat. But Gordon chafed in the restrictive atmosphere and Lance was too laid back to test any boundaries. Gordon pushed for more; Lance fought any change. The final straw came when Lance acted out by sleeping with someone else. That was it. Gordon broke it off and was gone.
Now, Gordon’s invited Lance to join the Indigo Knights, a new band he’s managing. He’s made it clear that this is business only and that they’re not going to rekindle the flames of their past. But Lance has been so hung up on Gordon that he’s been celibate all this time. He wants no one else. He regrets how things ended, but he’s never had the chance to try to make amends.
This is his only chance. Can Lance convince Gordon to trust him again?

Comment: This is another of the books that weren't long in the pile, I bought this one last month and I couldn't wait anymore to read it, so here it is.

This is the continuation of the Indigo Knights series, this is story #3 and we get to see how the band is working together at last and how potentially successful they might become.
This third story features Lance, one of the guitarists of the band and how he came to be invited to be part of Indigo Knights and even more, how his relationship with Gordon, the band's manager, developed and reached the point of no return where it seems to be in. But will the band help them to solve their issues?

I liked this story. I get why many people didn't find this one as appealing as other titles by the author, but to me this story seemed more focused on the growing up of the main characters and the themes mentioned seemed to have been taken care of relatively well, namely the cheating part.
It's true that the main focus is probably the fact Lance cheated on Gordon and that is why this story developed the way it does. Because cheating is horrible and I agree. But I also think the author did this with intelligence and she made the issue to deal with not on the cheating itself, but on the how it was cheating.

This brings me to the main point in the story. Well, to what I think is the main question anyway. 
The story is split into two time frames. We get a chapter of how things are nowadays and another one since the time Lance and Gordon met to the day everything ended between them. These time frames alternate each other until the end of the book.
We get to see how and why things between the two guys got to the point where they broke up and we get to see how they are today and how they have to solve things between them. To me, a thing gets clear, despite my abhorrence to the cheating in any romance, I think the clever part of it in this story is that, at least to me, the fact Lance cheated wasn't the worst thing. I don't like he cheated. But he didn't cheat out of spite or because he wanted revenge or because he was mean or wanted to show he could. I DON'T EXCUSE HIM, but I can understand why Gordon's actions and the way their relationship had evolved made him into such a state of mind where he even considered to cheat.
I don't think anyone should ever cheat, I hate to think what it means to the one cheated on, but I got Lance's side too and the fact I don't want to crucify him says it all about the level of complexity in all this that I can understand why he cheated even if I don't agree it in any way.

I could summarize the plot to this, the romance and the solving of things between the two guys. Many readers think this story is weaker than many of the author's other things, but I don't think so. For me, this story was more about the main character's difficulties and actions during and after their break up and how human it is to just talk about things and trust in what made them be together in the first place.

The musical parts are really small, it's fun to see beloved characters of other books, but in terms of great development, there isn't much, no. But still, for me it worked well.
Grade: 7/10

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