Monday, August 11, 2014

Kat Murray - Busting Loose

Bea Muldoon is more than most men can handle. . .
Which is probably why it's best the big city beauty hasn't been back to her small South Dakota ranching town since her teens. But with family business to take care of, the out-of-work actress is now strutting around in her stilettos, stirring up all kinds of trouble--especially with a certain ruggedly handsome hometown man. 
Morgan Browning is in a bind. . .
And it seems the only woman who can help is Bea. He claims it has nothing to do with her long, lovely legs, but really why would the town vet hire her to run his office? It could be something in the way Bea sweet-talks every man--and beast--who crosses her path. Or it could be that Morgan can't resist wrangling a woman who's intent on making a getaway--especially when he can see the country girl beneath the glamour. . .

Comment: This is the third story in the Roped and Wrangled trilogy by Kat Murray. Although the first two books were good, there were still things in them that I thought could have been better, so I was anxious to read this one and see if it would average good like the others or if it would finally be the story to remember. I'm very glad to say it is better than the others, at least to me.

This is the story of Bea, the youngest sister. She used to be an actress but career has taken a dead end so she got back to her family ranch and her family is wondering when he is leaving again.
In the meantime, Bea meets Morgan, the local vet and one thing leads to the other and Bea finds herself a job in his clinic and shelter. While things seem to go wonderful between them and with the job, Bea still thinks she has no place in Marshall, so when the time comes, will she go back to her acting?

I have to say I really liked reading this story. The first one was OK for the genre, the second one I hoped for much more, but this one which would seem the most formulaic was the one that surprised me the most, for the better. It's still a story based on things we would expect to see in this type of plot and genre, but I had such a good time reading that all that was insignificant when compared with the cute scenes with animals and the progress of Bea's character.

Bea has been a glamorous woman from the beginning and she seemed silly and only concerned about her clothes and shoes. It was obvious something was going on with her because she left the glamor of LA and she had a secret only the reader knows, about night riding, but there was always the idea she might be one of those crazy characters that people grow to love but without any real substance. I'm glad to say this idea is wrong, because we not only understand Bea, but we get to see her prove herself and her attempts to help show she has inner talents and worth.

Morgan is the small town guy, he's a vet and lives close to his parents. He is very well respected and cherished by everyone so his relationship with Bea might not be seen with the better eyes, but he's so adorable and cute, it's almost perfect how they match each other. I still think their romance happened fast, considering his personality, and at first it seemed their relationship would be fast and without much interest, but towards the middle, I was more invested in them and how the small things of each one complemented and worked well.

The plot is the usual, everything ends well, but it's full of small scenes that make the characters matter to the reader and their actions and conversations give an interesting vibe to the story. More than the story itself, it's the small things everywhere that make this book. I was really happy with the way things happened and how the author used many details to bring the gap between story and reader shorter. I loved ll the scenes with the animals, all the inner growing up Bea did and how the siblings seemed balanced in the end, like a real family.

I'd say this trilogy is successful even though the second book could have been much better. The average is good but the one I'll remember the better will definitely be this one.
Grade: 8/10


  1. Oh wow! You are still reading this series. That's great. I need to pick up the second book that is still in my TBR pile. I'm so glad you liked this one, though. It looks good!

  2. Hilcia hi!
    Well, the second one had a lot of potential but wasn't used in the best way, I think it could have been more romantic.
    This one I liked, it was a good surprise!
    Perfect for a fast and cute read...