Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Kate McMurray - Blind Items

Columnist Drew Walsh made his career by publicly criticizing conservative, anti-gay politician Richard Granger. So when a rumor surfaces that Granger's son Jonathan might be gay, Drew finds himself in the middle of a potential scandal. Under the guise of an interview about Jonathan's new job teaching in an inner-city school, Drew's job is to find out if the rumors are true. Drew's best friend Rey is also Jonathan's cousin, and he arranges the meeting between Jonathan and Drew that changes everything.
After just one interview, it's obvious to Drew that the rumors are true, but he carefully neglects to mention that in his article. It's also obvious that he's falling for Jonathan, and he can't stay away after the article is published. Still, Jonathan is too afraid to step out of the closet, and Drew thinks the smartest thing might be to let him go-until Jonathan shows up drunk one night at his apartment. The slow burn of their attraction doesn't fade with Jonathan's buzz, but navigating a relationship is never easy-especially in the shadow of right-wing politics.

Comment: I got this book for a reason I no longer remember. Apparently the blurb was captivating enough that made me get the book and I'm quite glad I did because it was good.

This is Drew's story, he's a writer and journalist and has a column in a paper where he addresses some gay related issues, usually with political connections. After a certain senator presents his run for president, Drew is told the senator, with an anti gay policy, might have a gay son. He is told to explore that and he asks his celebrity and best friend Rey to introduce him to his cousin Jonathan, considering they're family.
Jonathan is gay for sure but he's very much in the closet and Drew feels bad about exposing him, especially when his attraction and developing feelings seem to be reciprocated...

I liked this story. If there was something I would change is the end's pace.
So, the story has its focus on Drew and he's the narrator, and in a way it would also have been nice to have Jonathan's, especially on some parts of the story where we are left to guess, along with Drew what he might be doing and feeling.

The story is about Drew's work and how politics always interfere with other's lives, in this case, how gay policies affect the gay community and people's rights to all sorts of things. Drew is gay and advocates for gay rights, which are non existent for president candidate Richard Granger. By knowing his son Jonathan, Drew hopes to prove the candidate has no right to do it when he has a gay son in his house. But Jonathan has feelings and has no fault for his father's vision, so Drew doesn't attack him and after getting to know him better, he still wishes Jonathan would get out of the closet, but he isn't ready. Their relationship progresses but there's Jonathan's issues to consider still.

The action was ok, went a predictable but still interesting path and I was curious to see how the author would deal with the guys' different takes on how to live their gay lives. It surely must be quite the task, to be who you but not feeling at ease to share it with the public. It was quite the interesting dichotomy between Jonathan and Drew's positions on life, even bearing in mind each guy's education and support throughout their growing up. The constant difference in their way of living is one of th strongest points in the story.

Drew also has a straight best friend and I liked this too, that the usual cliché´s didn't apply and a straight guy is a gay guy's best friend. Very different from the usual and still with a sharp POV, Rey was an important character, not there just to play a part.

The story reaches a certain point where you see things can't go on as they are. There's a decision to be made and considering the time it took for things to slowly change I didn't buy how Jonathan decided to prove to Drew he was there for him. Not very believable. Life changing decisions usually are taken with more struggle, with a more serious level of action....I don't know, but it seemed too flashy for the moment, just because it fit the action. I'd have preferred a more serious take on this.

All in all, this was a good story, some things I'd change or add but overall, not bad at all and I'll probably will try something else by the author one day.
Grade: 7/10

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