Monday, November 17, 2014

Kimberly Raye - Dead End Dating

A vivacious vampire with a flair for accessorizing, Lil Marchette is unlike most of her kind. She prefers lively shades of pink to dismal black (soo not her color), plus she's a hopeless romantic. In need of a steady paycheck to support a compulsive cosmetics habit, Lil starts Dead End Dating (DED), a Manhattan-based matchmaking service that helps smart, sophisticated singles like herself find eternity mates-and may even help her stake a claim to her very own Count Right!
When Lil meets geeky vampire Francis Deville, she knows he's the perfect first client. If she can hook up Francis-after a little revamping, of course-she will prove her skills to the vampire community and turn DED into the hottest dating service in the Big Apple. But just as her business takes off, Lil meets the (literally) drop-dead gorgeous bounty hunter Ty Bonner, who is hot on the chase of a serial killer. Instantly drawn to the luscious vamp stud, Lil really wants a taste. But as a made vampire, Ty can't procreate-and Lil will settle for nothing less. Luckily, between "vampifying" Francis and helping Ty solve his murder mystery, Lil has no time for silly romantic entanglements . . . even if Ty is all that and a Bloody Mary chaser!

Comment: I've had this book to read for a long time years in the pile. One of those you get and set aside to read later and somehow time goes away and there comes a day you see it again and think, oh are you still there and then pick it up. Sometimes one hits jackpot and feels guilty over letting such a book escape for so long. Other times you just nod and do some philosophy about the time passing/tastes changing theories.

This book tells the story of Lil Marchette, a born vampire who starts a matchmaking service. Lil lives in a world where vampires are divided into those who are born that way and the ones who are made. There are humans too and other types of creatures. 
Lil wants to be more independent and prove she can be successful at something but there's a serial killer on the loose and he prays on women who use dating services like Lil's. So, when a bounty hunter comes along to ask Lil's help to find the killer, she accepts and not just because she wants to help, but also because she is attracted to Ty, the bounty hunter, who's also a made vampire. And made vampires don't mix with born vampires.

This book was quite the disappointment.
I also think it's one of those books you would have enjoyed a lot more at a certain point in your reading life and not nowadays. I've read some chick lit series, even with the vampire theme and I have liked them at the time. Today I see this isn't something I have much patience for. My taste changed and despite considering myself an eclectic reader, I prefer to read things with a more serious tone and if by chance I try funnier books I want them to be funny for a reason. This story didn't seemed that funny anyway.

There are many rules in this world, apparently. Namely social and etiquette rules. Ok, but any positive things we could welcome from this book get almost hidden behind a loud writing and nonsense plot.
I think the biggest issue for me was the way the story is told. This has a first person narrator but there was quite the lack of purpose in the plot, there was more time dedicated to Lil's thoughts and comments on anything that actual plot moving along. If one thinks well, the plot was basic, simple and fast. I wasn't actually interesting in reading, just wanted to get it over quickly so I could start a new book instead.
I liked how the author tried to insert interesting things, usually when related to secondary characters, so we could see how that shows Lil's personality, she isn't vacant, she cares for others and tries to help. But the attempted funny tone didn't strike me as easy, it sounded fake and rushed and that distracted me from any good thing on Lil's characterization.

The secondary characters have a thing or two that could be seen as important to the story, showing off another aspects in contrast with Lil and her family (all snobs?). I just didn't warm up with anyone, not even Lil, to feel interested in knowing more about them.

The romance didn't happen, was just hinted at and I guess this was because this is first in a series. I do not plan to read more tough.
Like I said, the writing wasn't well done for me, too many distracting tools, main characters always thinking more than acting and the main plot wasn't subtle or funny for real nor didn't even matter much. The serial killer was caught easily and most things were dealt in the most basic way.
This book wasn't for me, but I can't say I feel bad about it after such a disjointed story and execution.
Grade: 3/10

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