Monday, January 12, 2015

Tops of 2014

Here it is, the list of favorite - and least favorite - books of the past year. I apologize for the delay, life hasn't been easy for me lately.
The books of this year were hard to pick. I've loved 17 books a lot and some were by the same author. Of those 17, these are the ones I liked a bit more.
In any particular order:


This is a wonderful fantasy story, and the latest in a series I've been reading for years now. It still amazes me the author's talent, imagination and my own need to keep reading and wanting to know what more can happen. The main couple's relationship helps in making this sweet to read too.

This is my favorite historical of the year. The story completely captivated me and the unique characterization of both hero and heroine and how wonderfully they complemented each other, how
special their falling in love was, all this was what made it a winner for me. Loved it!

This is a great story. I've liked other books by the author, but this was even better, every piece seemed to fit perfectly, the character's actions, the plot, the romance, the pace, the structute, the development, everything worked out for me, even the amazing HEA.

What a fantastic story, once again, an amazing installment by this author, whose voice and talent aren't par to many. Actually, ms Bishop must be one of the most talented writers out there, her style is
perfection. Loved all the aspects of the story and can't wait for more.
My post.

I know many readers prefer other stories by the author, in particular in this series. But for me, the romance was so beautifully done and had such amazing scenes, I an't help but loving it. The main couple spoke to me and their story won me over. It's a wonderful romance.


Of the 31 books I've read this year, these stood out. 


Without any doubt whatsoever, this author won me over with the Enlightnment series. I loved all the books, but this one was my favorite of the trilogy because it was where the characters better developed their relationship and all the little details seemed to come alive. Perfect.

This story is the latest in the series. I liked it so much because the romance seemed balanced. I'm used to the style and "voice" of the authr but nevertheless, this book made me laugh and cry and go through the usual range of emotions seen on the author's work. With this book it just felt more obvious.


This story surprised me. The author's talent is talked about by many but I was still positively surprised by what I read and how the narrative developed, the characterization, the human traits we can see in the story. The fact it had a special HEA and romance helped. Will read more for sure.

Of course, not everthing works out for everyone...

Really poor story, nothing seemed to have much sense of structure. It was difficult to be focused and interested. Not a memorable story.


 I had expectations on this, the blurb seemed interesting. However, the style and the characters never seemed to develop well and I struggled so much to finish. I'll give the author another try but my hopes aren't high at all.

This barely registers in my radar. I've started it because of one of my clubs but the truth is, I found it boring and unnapealing for me. The story's development didn't seem to work out for what I thought would happen. 


-> This year it was like this. But who knows if 2015 won't be the best reading year yet?
Let's hope and see!


  1. Oh, you chose the best and the worst! It has been a while since I've highlighted my biggest disappointments. :)

    I love that you chose Kleypas, Anne Bishop, Susanna Kersley. And I am definitely going to pick that book by Julie Anne Long -- I love her series.

    And, yay for Joanna Chambers! I loved that trilogy. I read Think of England and really liked it too, it would have been on my list except I read the Faraday Porcelain Dog duology which I liked more. Great list!

    1. You know, the bad books weren't many. Lots of average reads but bad ones weren't many. That isn't that amazing to me, considering the amount of picking we do right? We are bound to filter things we might not like...