Monday, January 4, 2016

2015 Book Statistics

Here we are, time again for new book statistics, just a few random personal facts about my last year of reading. I've seen many takes in different blogs, all great ideas to present statistics but I'll stick to my small lists.

First of all, I've read 209 books in 2015. This ends up in 67366 pages read.
I've read more in June with 20 books. I've read 20 books in other months too, but June won in the page count, 6655.
I've read less in July, 9 books with 3260 pages. 
This is an average of 17,3 books and 5613,8 pages per month. 

I've purchased 83 books, around less 50 books than in 2014. This is an average of 6,91 books per month.
I've spent 675,15€ (around 730$ at this time), an average of 56,26€ per month.
I've bought more books in April, 10 books spending 101,11€ and bought less in November, 3 books spending 23,05€.

My TBR is still huge, though. I admit I didn't do all the math I should, but it's around 561 books, I speculate on an increase of around 38 books...

I've read 136 books by familiar authors to me. 73 books were by new authors.
I've loved 19 books.
I've liked 107 books.
I've found 68 to be so-so.
I've thought 12 weren't that amazing.
I've disliked 3 books.

The genre I've read the most was contemporary (50 books), then historical (48), then PNR (40), followed by M/M with 27, literary fiction with 26, then fantasy or sci-fi with 14 and finally, I've only read 4 mystery/suspense books.

I'll post my favorite books list of 2015 tomorrow.

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