Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Ilona Andrews - Magic Binds

Kate and the former Beast Lord Curran Lennart are finally making their relationship official. But there are some steep obstacles standing in the way of their walk to the altar…
Kate’s father, Roland, has kidnapped the demigod Saiman and is slowly bleeding him dry in his never-ending bid for power. A Witch Oracle has predicted that if Kate marries the man she loves, Atlanta will burn and she will lose him forever. And the only person Kate can ask for help is long dead.
The odds are impossible. The future is grim. But Kate Daniels has never been one to play by the rules…

Comment: This is the most recent installment in the Kate Daniels series featuring one of the most vibrant worlds created in fantasy and one of my favorite fictional couples, Kate and Curran. It's the type of book I start as soon as it gets in my hands.

In this new book, Kate and Curran have decided to finally get married. Things are getting ready for the Big Day but Kate's father kidnaps someone from Atlanta, a territory now belonging to Kate. Trying not to start a fight but knowing a Witch has predicted pretty bad things, Kate has to find a way to not die and not let everyone she cares about die too.
Helps comes from an unsuspected source but sometimes it's the only way to accomplish things. Can Kate solve the problems in her path?

As always, I loved a book by these authors. I think there aren't many writers of fiction/fantasy that can present such a clever and well structured world. This is a harsh world but I still feel the eagerness to be part of it and if it were real even more so but reading about it is close enough. Many authors have talent, but the ability to understand how a plot can be structured in such a way while giving us amazingly well depicted characters is really almost perfection. Sure, there are always things one would change but for the most part, all is good.

I won't take too long, after all how to explain something that is better understood read?
I like the way the author have put Kate and Curran at the place they're at right now. There's consistency and cohesion to their choices, their lives and I love how everything they do and did matters to who they are now. Often heroes and heroines are something for one book then they change somehow, but this couple maintains their charm and personality and I cherish them for that.

The plot is very smart, the author have to find a way to keep readers interested while not eroding the series to a point where it would be redundant. What I especially like are the little details that seem to matter little but end up being very important.
I also love the details about other characters, how we get to learn a bit more with a simple sentence, a question, one little thing not vital to whole scheme of things but that turns those characters into people you would like to know. For instance, I can't wait to see more Barabas and Christopher!

All things considered, I don't have much to say, I really love every book in this series some more than others, but the authors always keep the taste and the polish we expect. I can't think of better fantasy writers who deliver always amazing books.
My recommendation, just go read Kate Daniels series!
Grade: 9/10

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