Thursday, September 29, 2016

Mini Comments

The story of the people of Daring Castle. Adrianna was an independent woman, living on her own in New York City.That was until she came home to find two huge barbarians in her home.Taken from not just her home but her world, she was transported to a new world controlled by huge warrior men who thought women should be sex slaves.Left chained to a bed, a shadowed warrior came to her, stealing away her good intentions before disappearing before the first light of day.Could she escape his fiery touch or was she forever Bound by Love?

 Through with running from the past, Joelle Randall has come to the rugged Canadian Rockies determined to face her pain and begin anew. All she needs is a guide to lead her through the untamed mountain wilderness to the site where her parents' plane crashed long ago. But the only guide Joelle can find is Luke Gevaudan, a magnetically attractive loner with the feral grace of a wolf and eyes that glitter with a savage intensity. She has no idea that Luke is the stuff of legends, one of the last survivors of an ancient race of werewolves, a man whose passion she will not be able to resist--no matter how terrible the price.

-> Here I am, trying to keep track on the things I read with a new personal feature. Mini reviews are well known everywhere, I prefer to say I comment on books I read, so for me, mini comments they are.
I'm just going to write a few lines about certain books from time to time, whether because they aren't as great as deserving a full comment, or not interesting enough or not as impressive enough (negatively or positively) to make me want to write more.

These books were two of the longest standing ebooks in my ebook pile. For some reason, when I started to be interested in ebooks, before I ever got an e-reader and my only reading device was the PC, these two ended up the pile but I no longer remember why I thought it was a good idea. This is the danger of long and endless piles of books... some just no longer seem to be things one can feel interested in, but then there they are and I'd feel bad by at least not trying them.

Prince of Wolves is the story of Joelle, a woman who wants to go to the mountains somewhere, where she thinks her parent's plane crashed. She just wants to see the place so she can find some closure. She intends to go with a guide but somehow it's not possible. Then she meets Luke, a weird man in the small town where she's staying but her life gets even weirder after trying to stay away from him and looking for to seduce him not long after. 
The story was ok, I guess, but way too boring in the beginning. So many pages spent making things ready for the fact Luke and Joelle had to go together into the mountains that when it finally happens and we get to know why Luke is weird and why Joelle and him are meant to be together, I was too bored and lacking real interest.
The writing isn't too bad but it didn't captivate me enough and to be honest it was really annoying to endure the back and forth type of relationship they had and all the surrounding things. It's one of those books that when I first discovered paranormal might have been good but now, not so much.
Grade: 4/10

Bound By Love starts when Adrianna, a woman in her New York apartment, is kidnapped and taken to a different time and place where women are mostly slaves and she just becomes one herself. With time, however, Adrianna falls in love with her captor but she needs to go through several obstacles before a HEA can happen.
What was I thinking is the question to ask here, this isn't the romance I expected, it's erotica bordering on the pornographic or, at least, fantasy for guys where any woman immediately falls prey to lust. The concept was the good thing about this book, and I imagined a world where things would change, where a heroine could be the first to reveal a better existence for other women, where the purpose was more on the relationships and not the sex, but nope. I skimmed all sex scenes, meaning I didn't read that much but oh, what to say about the character's personality or their behavior... so many things that don't make any sense in what is supposed to be an organized world. The end was ridiculous, totally against any possibility and something I don't think suited the story. There was a reason why this was unread for so long, I guess!
Grade: 3/10

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