Friday, April 14, 2017

Bey Deckard - The Complications of T

Stuart Leandro knows he’s washed up, both on the big screen, and in his marriage. Then, when things take an even bigger turn for the worse one night, he winds up blind drunk and lost in a foreign city.
Thankfully, someone’s there to rescue him before his face ends up plastered all over the tabloids.
Wary of the motives of the reclusive stranger who brings the fading star into the quiet shelter of a hip but isolated loft, Stuart nonetheless can't deny his curiosity… Or his attraction. Tim is unlike anyone the actor has ever met, but underneath the mystery and quiet attempts at invisibility, Stuart discovers someone whose life has been intertwined with his own for years.
Neither could have predicted that Tim's act of kindness would lead to one of the most intense encounters of their lives—but, are they willing to weather the media storm their extraordinary relationship will cause?

Comment: Just a quick comment on this small novella. I got interested in it a few months ago because of the trans gender character and the expected situations we would have.
I have to say I was expecting a bit more despite the limited page count. I can see why the subtle romance developments seem fascinating but to me the sex scenes were unnecessary. Yes, I can understand the erotica aspects and why they can be interesting to read about in this situation but for me, it would have been better if we could focus on the character's and not their sexual connection.

Even accepting sex would have had to be part of the trans character path, this small story was not the best way, I guess? I assume a lot of things would have been psychologically difficult or lengthy to process in the character's life. We have some inklings and the subject is addressed. But it's not the focus and I think I'd have liked to see a bit more of the emotional journey and that doesn't seem to be the biggest part of this small novella.

The relationship seems weirdly done and not very realistic. It's a choice but I just didn't empathize with neither despite really wanting to get to know Tim better.
The descriptions we are given of each character and their personal lives just didn't have enough room to fully develop and I miss not having more time to get to know them more so my impression is still pretty superficial, even considering the details that do tell us more about them. 
All in all, interesting elements but not enough time to make it better, for me.
Grade: 5/10

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