Saturday, April 15, 2017

Rachel Bach - Honor's Knight

After a mysterious attack left her short several memories and one partner, she's determined to keep her head down, do her job, and get on with her life. But even though Devi's not actually looking for it -- trouble keeps finding her. She sees things no one else can, the black stain on her hands is growing, and she is entangled with the cook she's supposed to hate.
But when a deadly crisis exposes far more of the truth than she bargained for, Devi discovers there's worse fates than being shot, and sometimes the only people you can trust are the ones who want you dead.

Comment: After reading and enjoying the first book in the Paradox series by author Rachel Bach at the end of last year, I knew I had to keep reading, not only because I really liked that first book but also because something happened at the end - not a traditional cliffhanger, but we could say so - and I needed to see what would happen after.

This second installment follows a confused but apparently back to work Devi after some problems which took place in the previous book. But Devi hears a conversation that makes suspicious and somehow she has to be told the truth about what happened to her and why her memory isn't as normal as she thought. 
Trying to escape a situation she considers too dire to even imagine, Devi learns more truths as time goes by. But when all seems lost, Devi realizes courage and reckless moves can sometimes walk side by side. Will Devi find a way to help those who need and save herself as well?

Reading this book was quite entertaining. It was also engaging because things were happening very quickly and it seemed the action was non stop. Even the quieter moments still advanced something in terms of Devi's choices. It can be slightly frustrating to only have Devi's POV on everything, but as a character she is fascinating and that makes reading very easy and fluid.

This book is a good second installment. We get to discover things about Devi and those around her and also about the whole mystery behind the plot. I think the author had the talent to think about a scenario and then putting it on the page. Somehow, it got easy to imagine how things were happening and often the best ideas don't always turn into scenes well played in our heads but the descriptions were enough detailed and presented to make things easy on the reader.

The plot is quite imaginative, yes. The whole sci-fi scenario could be just comic or silly descriptions but there is a whole structure well designed and where each detail has a purpose. It was very interesting to know some hidden truths about Devi's boss, about the big secret everyone is trying to keep, about the reasons why Devi seems to be different... 
Although the pace is quite good, nevertheless some parts weren't as fluid when it came to go from Devi's inner thoughts to the real life action and it kind of showed. But honestly, it wasn't such a big deal in the long haul.

One of my favorite things, despite not being the focus, is the romance we see slowly developing, even with some obstacles. It was nice, and it shows us a side of the characters which is not the main state of being. I liked to see their vulnerable side and how they used what they wee feeling not as an excuse but as a lesson to become better, even if it didn't look as if it would be worth it. I'm looking for to see this relationship be cemented in the final story and - hopefully, it will end well.

It's difficult to write much about the book, it has such complicated situations and details that I couldn't do justice to it, but I just feel very happy to have read this book and anyone who likes the genre would certainly feel the same. I can't wait to see what the author has prepared for the end and I anticipate revelations that can turn this into even more amazing status.
Grade: 8/10

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