Wednesday, November 8, 2017

JD Tyler - Wolf's Fall

Still tormented by his recent captivity, Alpha Pack commander Nick Westfall isn’t sure he’s fit to lead—especially when he meets the one woman he can’t claim without reliving the torture he endured at the hands of a rogue vampire.
Vampire princess Calla Shaw has seen her own share of heartbreak, but she can tell that the wild attraction she and Nick feel for each other could turn into something significant—if only he’d let it. But Calla isn’t about to give up on her mate without a fight.
Time is running out, not only for Nick to claim his mate, but for Calla and her coven. A vampire war is on the horizon, one the Alpha Pack can’t hope to win if their leader can’t pull himself back from the abyss… 

Comment: This is the 6th installment in the Alpha Pack series by author JD Tyler. Although all the books haven't been perfection, I've had quite an entertaining tie with them, so I keep reading, even more because I want to know what happens to the characters that will be protagonists yet.

In this book we finally have Nick Westfall's story. Since he is the alpha of the group of shifters/soldiers in the alpha team, Nick has always been the person the others look up to. Nick is also a pre cog, which means he often has visions about scenes that will happen in the future and that can sometimes be very useful but often it's not, as Nick himself can attest.
In the previous book something happened to Nick so now he isn't feeling his best and the notion he and Calla, the vampire sister of one of his allies, are mates makes everything change for him...

Well, this is a shorter book when compared to the others in the series, so my comment will be a short one as well.
I thought this book to be too generalist, as if anyone could be the hero and not Nick alone. Nick has ben the hero behind the scenes in every book there has always been an aura of mystery behind him and his life so I feel his story was sadly played down. 
I also think his heroine wasn't a good choice. Nothing against her being a vampire, that obviously played well into the plot needs, but Calla, as a character didn't offer much in terms of personality and although I wouldn't want someone impossible for him, I certainly imagined a much more balanced relationship.

The romance isn't perfect, no. Nick need to face a situation that started in the previous book and that affects his bond with Calla. I get it that he needs to solve something for himself before he can let go and embrace happiness, but the reality is that the whole situation feels contrived and "staged" and I couldn't really feel empathy towards his issues.
Calla also had some bad memories to overcome but I felt she was more stable, emotionally, than Nick. I just didn't find her interesting and imagined someone different for Nick when it came to personality. I don't mind they are a couple but I certainly imagined the interactions between them would have been much better.

The plot is focused on the usual battles, there's always an enemy on the lookout and our heroes need to make things right. I don't mind this since we still see scenes with everyone here and there and their friendships seem strong and good. I hope the next books bring more of this.
As for this book, I feel sad this isn't a favorite but to me Nick's characters wasn't used up well in his own plot, his mating felt weak and he doesn't seem to be as well portrayed here as he was in previous books.
Grade: 5/10

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