Saturday, November 11, 2017


Two books I've read recently but, to be truly honest, both felt average to me so I confess I don't have much to say about either.

Annabel Winslow is in a pickle. Having newly arrived in London for her first season and being in possession of a voluptuous figure, is being openly courted the the Earl of Newbury, who is at least 75 and a nasty brute to boot. Annabel does not want to marry him, of course, but feels that she has no choice since her father has recently died and left the whole family, including Annabel's mother and her 7 siblings, almost destitute.
Then, while attending a party in the countryside, Annabel met Sebastian Grey, the Earl of Newbury's nephew. And suddenly she found herself not only courted by the lecherous uncle, but also the charming young nephew. Should she follow her heart so that she can be with the one she loves, or should she marry the loathsome earl just so she can put food on the table for her family and make sure that her brothers get to stay in school?

Ten Things I Love About You is the third installment in the Bevelstoke trilogy by author Julia Quinn. I admit I haven't read the others but since this can also be read as a stand alone, I don't think it was a loss not having read the previous ones. 
In this sweet story we meet Annabel and Sebastian, an unlikely couple that proves to be very well matched. Annabel needs to find a wealthy husband because her family is in a dire situation and the earl of Newbury seems to be the most likely candidate but the problem is he is old enough to be her grandfather. Sebastian is his nephew, whom he hates. 
The situation also provides funny scenes but although I liked how the protagonists slowly developed feelings for each other, I just didn't like them individually. Ok, didn't like is too strong, I didn't feel much empathy, even if their personal issues were important and relevant. Therefore, even knowing the plot made sense most of the time, I just didn't enjoy reading this one as much as I did others by the author.
Grade: 6/10


Vic Bronsen has a problem. He's stuck in a rut, uninspired by his job, and in love with a man who has
no clue. Thinking a change of scenery and company will do his aching heart some good, he goes off on a road trip with his best friend, only to find that the answers to his problems may have been right there in front of him all along.

Unrequited is a short story about two friends who go on a vacation together and how their feelings change from simple friendship to care and love. 
Vic is a busy man who has been in love with Owen for a long time but Owen never seems to get the notion Vic's feelings might be deeper...although Vic never told him how he truly feels. His friend Shane shows up because of their common job and somehow convinces Vic to go on holiday with him and that is the mote for new discoveries.
Interesting was how Vic felt his feelings were unrequited by Owen and Shane felt his were the same by Vic. I think there were too many similarities in such a small story so I couldn't go past that. The situation was solved in a way I thought difficult to simply accept and the friends to lovers scenario isn't one I appreciate much, it's too weird most of the time. This was a cute story but not my favorite by the author.
Grade: 5/10

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