Saturday, December 16, 2017

Some debut books list

I often visit the following site, BookBub Blog:
There are many things related to books and many lists for all kinds of purposes.
I saw this one recently and thought it interesting. I confess I don't pay much attention to new releases when it comes to immediately buy it. I don't usually mind waiting for paperback editions or I get the book years after it became popular. By the way, do you like to get them as soon as you see they are available?

So, I saw this list about some debut books this year that many readers have liked or recommended:

I only seem to find two interesting and one is actually on my TBR (to hopefully buy later) but all have their own appeal somehow.

Would you agree with the titles included on this list? I bet that there are many more that should be on it but of these, are they good (apparently) good choices?
Happy reading!

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