Friday, December 15, 2017

Jacquie D'Alessandro - Kiss the Cook

Bubbly, off-beat beauty Melanie Gibson has her hands full. Not only is she caring for her beloved grandmother, she's also working desperately to secure a bank loan for her fledgling gourmet catering service. The last thing she has time for is romance-—not even with Christopher Bishop, the sexy financial whiz who's been evaluating her business.
After eight years of toiling to put his younger siblings through school, Chris is ready to lead the life of a carefree bachelor. Then he meets Melanie, and finds himself thinking about forever. Melanie insists she's too smart to fall for a man with the devilish good looks of a practiced playboy, but Chris is determined to show her that their passion is too powerful to deny—-and that love is the sweetest thing of all.

Comment: Back in 2015 I saw this book in a list along others I had enjoyed, and by reading the blurb I imagined this would be pleasant for me to read as well. I added it to my TBR but only this month I finally decided to read it. I'm glad it was a cute story but I expected more, I admit.

In this book we meet Melanie Gibson, a young woman who lives with her grandmother after a break up and the two of them are also together in their catering business. So far they can only deliver requests but Melanie is planing on growing her business to set a full catering service and for that she will need a truck. Later on, if she can, she will expand to a restaurant.
The story begins when Melanie is late for a delivery and everything seems to go wrong that day, including the fact her car isn't starting while she locked another car from exiting the entrance of the building and it's also raining a lot. Somehow, the other driver is able to help her and they seem to bond over their common weird meeting.
Chris is an accountant recently made partner so he works longer hours to show his promotion was deserved. He only wanted to go home and relax but the car blocking his seems to be falling apart. The driver, however, is intriguing and soon things align for them to be together again. 
Cane they be each others' special person?

I thought the beginning of this story was cute and not that far fetched, especially considering what goes wrong for them, but in real life stuff happens too. Their attitude towards an awkward and even embarrassing situation felt realistic.
The progress of their meeting one another was what I thought wasn't as credible but I understand the romance had to develop somehow.

I would say that, for me, what brought down this book was how boring certain passages were. The transition from an awkward meeting, a chance on being together again as a favor, to a strong attraction, then falling in love, then the major conflict and later the making up as a rule should work for minimum needs but in this case, there was something missing and the story, as a whole, just felt under done. I guess I wanted more emotion, I wanted more scenes with them interacting before being intimate and I suppose I can say there were way too many lustful thoughts between them, I wanted to see them show some more sexual tension but now always having to read what they were thinking. Maybe more contention on the telling and a bigger amount of "showing" would have been more suitable.

As individuals, I liked both main characters.
Melanie is hard working, she has goals, she knows what she needs to do and I understood her sort of reluctance to be involved with someone at a point she needed to be focused on her business. I also can accept she wouldn't be ale to control her attraction and reaction to Chris but she was so easily distracted by his looks. I sort of wanted the relationship to focus on feelings rather the obvious sexual vibes.
As for Chris, he was a good hero, he did some things one might consider shady but I didn't see it that way, he was helpful, careful and cautious and at the end of things I ended up liking him more than the heroine. I liked his personality although he could have been even more complex than he was, there is a little bit of an inkling of a "too perfect" description sometimes.
Their relationship was cute and it felt the point was for it to be so rather than something romantic and necessary, which I wouldn't have minded.

The HEA is quite sugary, there are some details included that weren't necessary and only served for the end to feel a bit rushed but overall, the epilogue was a good one. 
This is not a perfect match of writing/plot but it was entertaining. I don't think it's an unforgettable story but it suits if one needs to read something light and easy.
Grade: 7/10

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