Thursday, December 14, 2017

Two portuguese books

Comment: The books whose covers I included here are from Portuguese authors and I got them at the library the last time I was there.
The books are non fiction and to be honest, I had no idea they existed but they caught my eye and I thought they would be at least interesting to entertain me. I'm just leaving a small comment because they are part of this year's reading, for sure.

The first, the one of the bluish cover, is a sort of project about national TV and how the three main channels we have in Portuguese television work for and create the 8pm news cast. This is probably the most seen television program because it includes the news and information all age groups are aware of. The "study" was done by the author when he was overseeing how everything works and how directors or coordinators decide what to do, how to present each piece of news and why some should be more important than others.
I liked the book, overall, but I confess I expected even more real life cases and situations and examples about everything. Part of the book was also the reference to academics and  experts and that wasn't always as interesting for me. 
Grade: 7/10

The second book, the greenish cover, is a set of blog entries, newspaper articles and alike pieces the author  has published during part of his career. His style is harsh and said to be too direct, which means he often seems to be bad mouthing some of the people he addresses and some of his sentences look like he is too negative.
The majority of the compilation in this book is from literary critiques he has done, especially to Portuguese authors, some considered as part of the "best" or more "popular".
I can't explain what I felt about this book, I liked the reasons why he was critiquing, despite the harsh style. But since I only read one or two books, it was funnier to me rather than negative.
The texts included which aren't critiques show a well structured writing and thought but I wasn't impacted enough by them. It was just interesting to read, that's all.
Grade: 5/10

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