Friday, July 3, 2015

Jodi Thomas - A Texan's Luck

Captain Walker Larson received the shock of his life when a beautiful stranger boldly walked into his office—claiming to be his wife. His father may have bought Lacy Larson for him in a wife lottery, but Walker had no desire for a bride—even one as captivating as the one standing before him. So he promptly sent Lacy back to Cedar Point.
Nearly three years later, Lacy is shocked when Walker shows up on her doorstep—ordered by the military to protect his wife from a killer. Lacy wants nothing to do with the gruff soldier who once drove her away.
But despite their different lifestyles and expectations, she finds herself wondering if their marriage was a far better gamble than either of them had imagined...and what it would feel like to be in his arms.

Comment: I got this book after Reading the first one in the series and liking it quite well. Then I read the second and wasn't very impressed with it. I had hopes that was only a particular impression and not the trend for the remaining books and thankfully, this third one was better.
This is the story of the third "wife lottery", Lacy's fate. Lacy was rescued by an old man who wanted her to marry his son, who was away. His son is a military man and wanted nothing to do with a wife but his father had the power to marry them in his absence.
Lacy had many dreams of what a married life would be like but unfortunately her husband turned out not to be the man of her dreams and after  a quick, awkward meeting, they go their own way until the day the man Lacy and her friends were convinced they went to prison for, was himself released.
Now Lacy's husband is back and with the task to protect her. Can they salvage their marriage?
I wasn't totally impressed with this story, at least not to the same level I was with the first book. This story wasn't as brilliant because the main couple never seemed as passionate or balanced or even intriguing as the first one. I guess part of it comes from the fact both are constituted by two different people each, but overall this book's couple and their relationship never seemed so good.
I think the main issue is precisely the relationship. The couple spent a lot of time apart from the moment they acknowledged the validity of their marriage. The book starts with the way they met in person and how awkward and quick it was made it all feel uncomfortable and honestly I don't know why it had to be like that. Had they talked it wouldn't look as weird. And until this time I can't tell exactly what the purpose was because when the story really starts in chapter one, things are still hard between them anyway.
I think the author wanted a fast explanation why they couldn't hit it off right away but since Walter, the husband, maintained his reasoning of not wanting a wife, that situation remained. It's really unnecessary how the plot became like this, a simple explanation would have sufficed.
The couple has a rocky start but, obviously, by the end of the book all is almost well. I liked their relationship developed slowly from the moment they had to share a house and lacy had to be protected. However, I don't think they were the most passionate or well suited couple. Lacy begun as a quiet young women running her life and I appreciated this side of her quite well. When the story begun I was actually very pleased with her for doing what she could and still being a likable person - and character.
Walter always seemed too aloof, I never really felt captivated by him or his personality.
Their relationship ended up well and not sugary perfect, but balanced enough. Still, it never felt like it was meant to be, like they "had" to be together.
The plot was more interesting than the romance. Some things happened that pushed the story forward but were also emotional. All ended up well except a couple of issues which will be dealt in the final book of the quartet series.
I'm actually quite eager to read the final book and have even biggest hopes for it than I had for this one.
All in all this worked out but wasn't as brilliantly presented as other books in the genre I've read and although better than the previous one, it's still not as amazing as the first.
Grade: 7/10

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