Tuesday, January 18, 2011

m/m Challenge authors

Well, here's my list of authors for the m/m challenge...
Let's see how it goes, I haven't titles yet, I'll choose as I go.
I had to repeat letters, for I wanted to have different authors with different last names, so I picked up names in alphabetical order, but I had to repeat some because I wanted to have 30 books total.

Albright, Addison

Beecroft, Alex

Calmes, Mary

Dahl, Kenn

Eastwick, Karma

Ford, Catt

Green, Amber

Hecht, Stephani

Izanaki, Miza

Johnson, Ava Rose

Kimberling, Nicole

Lane, Amy

Mitchell, KA

Nichols, Zoe

Okati, Willa

Payne, SA

Quinton, Chris

Rhodes, ML

Sutherland, Fae

Temple, Tory

Urban, Madeleine (with Abigail Roux)

Veinglory, Emily

Winter, Mary

Yates, Serena

Zachary, Drew

The repeated letters

Amara, Astrid

Lanyon, Josh

Langley, JL

Martinez, Angel

The surprise ?


  1. Ohhh, try Harper Fox! For "F" I read two by her that I liked, but am getting ready to read "Driftwood." I've heard it's good... don't know yet since I haven't really read any spoilers or reviews for it.

  2. Hello! I don't know that author, i'll do some research and see if it appeals to me.

    Have you decided to participate in the challenge after all?