Me and the Blog

I've decided to change this text, as the previous one didn't reflect this blog anymore.

I still write only for my own fun, I have lots of books to read in the pile, I'm another of those readers who still buy more than they should but that's my only vice, so...not really bothered by it.

I've started the blog just for fun, not much to record my readings. I feel I'm organized enough, I have the blog to summarize my thoughts about each book I read, I have a goodreads account to keep track of what I've read, read and will read and I have manuscript notebooks for everything, from the monthly lists of books I read, things I want to buy, what I bought each month and many sort of informations related to books and stuff.

In the beginning, the blog was just a way to write a few lines about each book, but I felt like writing more completed summaries of my reading experience with the book. I still don't write reviews that are ready for important places, but what I write makes sense to me...I always liked English and most books I read  - even before starting the blog - have been in English for quite a while now, so I felt like writing in English instead of Portuguese, my mother language.

This blog isn't meant to impress but of course I like it to be somewhat organized as well and that is what I try to do. I like the look of it, but suggestions are welcome.

Right now this blog is a bit of a task but this doesn't mean it's a boring duty. Sometimes I have less time to dedicate to it but that happens to everyone. I hope and wish my patience doesn't run out because I kind of got used to write here and log in...but only God knows what's in for us, so...
I hope whomever visits likes what's here..I try to have a varied sort of genres, but being this personal and without any commercial deals, I write about what I want and what I have to read.
So far, it's what matters to me :)

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