Monday, February 28, 2011

Zoe Nichols - As Good As It Gets

When bar owner Rick Moore goes out for ice cream, he comes back with a powerful hankering for sweet-faced ice cream scooper Devon Walker. But he dismisses his interest in the younger man; sure he'll never meet him again.
Then a chance encounter in his bar leads to an explosive night that has Devon showing Rick just how grown up he is. Only Devon takes off after, sure that his burgeoning feelings aren't returned.
Or are they?
Now Rick is determined to win Devon's trust, and him, for good. Will Devon take a chance on the cowboy or let his hurt keep him safely away?

Comment: This short story was my first read by this author. Usually I prefer longer books because I like when a writer delivers an insightful description of the character's actions and thoughts and shorts don't always manage that due to the fact they're short by definition.

This story presents us Rick, a club owner, and Devon a young guy working in an ice cream shop. Apparently there's nothing in common between them, except attraction. Rick makes a move later on after meeting Devon again and they spend the night together. But in the morning new feelings emerge.

Ok, the first thing I've noticed is that it was pretty easy for me to understand Devon. He's a shy person as myself, so his reactions to Rick's "seduction" were convincing. There are people out there who just can't help blush!Second thing, the author was smart. She knew in such a short story she had to focus on the important and I was pleased to see the characters reacting in a credible way, instead of going for the quick end up with no logic.

The only thing I'm pointing out that I didn't really liked is the fact that the story is predictable. It's rather obvious how things will work out. Guess it's not unusual in romance to expect certain things, but if the authors can surprise us...then kudos for them.

The story has a sweet HEA and for this kind of story it works, after all with so much hard things in RL, we all couls use happy endings.

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