Monday, March 28, 2011

Another update...

This month is almost in the end. Thanks to a temporary job I got, my reading has slowed down a lot. Having only 4 more days until the end of the month, I've only read 8 books, one currently so. I'm not used to reading so few books, but it's the way things are. About the challenge. I've managed to read two books this month! Thankfully, the latest book by JL Langley was released and I was happy for it, and I was already counting on it when I included it in my reading list. I just wasn't sure of when I would read it but really, who was I deceiving, I had to grab it right away! Therefore, I've read letters D and the repeated L this month. Next month it will a busy one again, so I'm picking up only a letter as well, but if I find that I do have the time, I might read another one. So, the letter for April will be A, from Addison Albright. I haven't chosen the book yet, but I'll post it when I read it. Let's see if it's the only one.

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