Saturday, March 26, 2011

JL Langley - With Abandon

Aubrey Reynolds is a dedicated man, always putting his family, job and pack before his own wants and desires. As the next Alpha in his father’s pack, he’s expected to mate and carry on the family name; except he has a problem. The visiting werewolf from New Mexico…a male werewolf is his new mate and Aubrey never planned on telling anyone he’s gay.

Leaving his brothers is difficult but Matt Mahihkan knows attending college in Atlanta is the right thing to do. When he arrives and discovers Aubrey’s his mate, he’s distressed to learn their relationship must be kept secret, instead of openly acknowledged. Can Matt remain patient until Aubrey’s ready to publicly claim him? When a rogue werewolf makes trouble, Aubrey’s forced to make a decision. Will be choose Matt and love or his pack and unhappiness?

Comment: I'm not even sure of how long I've been waiting for this book to be released! Me and all the other fans of the series.
The author has one of the best voices in the genre, she creates amazing characters and stories about the gay genre. It doesn't matter if she's writing sci-fi, contemporaries or paranormal. She rocks!
With Abandon is the 4th story in the with/without series and the fans have been desperate to get their hands on the book. Finally, it was released last tuesday.

Matt and Aubrey are characters we know from the previous novels. They're constant features and we got to see them act before and slowly we've been getting more and more tidbits about each one.
Matt is going to another city to study and Aubrey has been kind enough to let him stay in his apartment, but he arrives there and is thinking that Tara - Aubrey's fianceé - is his mate. However, when he finally meets Aubrey in eprson he understands he is the one who's his mate.
Aubrey can't be openly gay because he thinks as the new pack alpha he won't be accepted, but will his duty be stronger than his love for Matt?
I was quite eager to read the story and after the little tidbits the author has been leaking throughout the last year, more than ever I'd want to see how Aubrey would react, because we didn't know he is gay.
The author's style is consistent, the language and character's personalities are very well developped and the reader feels like those characters could be real, shapeshifting too! The only think that I, personally, think that makes this book not so good as the revious one, With Caution, is the less interaction between characters. I know it's a romance but in the other one we had the best romance story I've read and lots of characters interacting. This one only lacked that, because in the end it's great.

When an author knows what is going to work to make the readers enjoying themselves and has talent, it shows.

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