Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sandra Brown - The Switch

It isn't the first time that identical twins Gillian and Melina Lloyd have switched identities. Yet it's the first time as adults that they've even considered the childhood prank. Melina, the more impetuous twin, proposes that her circumspect sister take her place as a media escort to NASA astronaut and national hero Colonel Christopher "Chief" Hart.

Although it's an enticing offer, Gillian declines for a very personal reason-she's preoccupied with whether or not the artificial insemination she underwent that day will be successful. Besides, she warns Melina, such a switch could have unexpected consequences.

Media-savvy Chief turns out to be an easy assignment for Melina-in fact the evening with him is as much pleasure as business. But the following morning police arrive at Melina's door with the worst possible news: her beloved twin has been brutally murdered in her own bed. And on the walls, scrawled in blood, are obscenities directed at Gillian, along with insults toward Native Americans that indisputably link Chief to the crime.

Dissatisfied with the official police investigation, Chief and Melina form a grudging alliance, strike out on their own...and find themselves uncovering more questions than answers. Mistrusting even the authorities claiming to protect them, on the run with their lives in danger, the two are soon following a crooked and bloody trail that inexplicably leads to Gillian's attempt to conceive a child...and to the threshold of an inner sanctum, where a megalomaniac hatches horrific schemes and lies in wait for Gillian's replacement, her identical twin-Melina.

Comment: This author is one of my favourites. I've been a fan for a long time, and even tough I haven't read all her books, I did read most of them.
This one isn't one of my favourites, and I've been keeping it for years in hopes of being dazzled. I wasn't, but I didn't disliked it either.

I think its major problem was the lack of's just a long shot something like that to happen, although it has happend...but nowadays, and also back in 2001 (time of action), it would be more difficult to cults liek the one described in the story to exist and developp without notice.

Anyway, the premise was compelling and made the reader want to read more. I was quite happy to see a native-american male protagonist. Mrs Brown had had writen other books back in her romance genre days, with native-american people and as always it's very interesting the clash of cultures and the attempt to bring them closer in the story.

The mystery is well done, all things considered, but the reader is always aware of the fictional side. I suppose one could say there's no "losing" oneself in the story. Maybe it just didn't grab me but once again I say it's not one of my favourites but stiil better than some other things by her, in my opinion. For instance I disliked Hello, Darkness much, much more.

The romance part was ok, once more it could have been better, but I dodn't see too many silly things as in some other books, and the character's behaviour was, at least, justified.

The vilain...ah this is one of Sandra Brown's strongest points. Her vilains aren't pure evil, they're mean and with no morals. They always repulse me, even more if they were to be serial kilelrs only interested in blood. In this book she didn't disappoint..I wonder how twisted she must feel when she's writing these character's POV's...

All in all it was a good book, one I'll remember..but there are other I prefer, like Exclusive and Where There's Smoke.


  1. Oh! I'm a Sandra Brown fan too. I read this book a long time ago when it first released and remember not being overwhelmed by it either. Although frankly, I don't really remember the details at this moment. Maybe I'll do a quick (skim) re-read?

    I don't know S., if I get into a Sandra Brown re-read "kick," I'll never stop! Have you read White Hot?

  2. Hi!
    Sorry for takinf so long...I've got myself a temporary job, now I don't have much time for anything.

    Yes I read White Hot, but it's not one of my favourites. The plot is too mean to be liked, most characters are horrible people, lol, and the main ones aren't that special to me.
    My favourite mistery book by her is Where There's Smoke. That one I did like.

    Oh and sorry for all the gramatical mistakes in the blog, I write fast and usually don't correct the spelling, so sorry....