Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Deborah Smith - A Place to Call Home

Twenty years ago, Claire Maloney was the willful, pampered, tomboyish daughter of the town’s most respected family, but that didn’t stop her from befriending Roan Sullivan, a fierce, motherless boy who lived in a rusted-out trailer amid junked cars. No one in Dunderry, Georgia—least of all Claire’s family—could understand the bond between these two mavericks. But Roan and Claire belonged together until the dark afternoon when violence and terror overtook their lives, and Roan disappeared. Now, two decades later, Claire is adrift, and the Maloneys are still hoping the past can be buried under the rich Southern soil. But Roan Sullivan is about to walk back into their lives . . .

Comment: This second book by Deborah Smith that I try is a sad one. I was sad all the time while reading it and not even the happy ending saved it from the melancholic feeling. I mean, I enjoyed it, and the story had a strong enough olot to keep things interesting and running, but it was so sad...

The main characters have good moytivations and reliable attitudes but I think when they finally get together, the intimacy, while expected, seemed s bit rushed...I would like to see some more thoughts on it, more talking about it, instead of just assuming it would happen.

Then there's the emotional parts...I cried and cried a lot because of that. What the characters had to deal with, the things they must be feeling because of what happend in the past..it broke my heart. I guess, despite the validity of everyone's POV, that Roan's was the one I commiserated the most. To educate a child, to nurture and love her, to make sure she has everything in order to be happy, to grow up decently...not everyone can do it and then to be threatned by new feelings and see his put away....heartbreaking.

I consider this a good book, because it presented several separate things that together make it good. But when I think of it I feel sad and although that didn't ruined it for me, it's the first thought that comes to my mind when I think of it.

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