Saturday, August 20, 2011

Mary Winter - Riding Partner

Equestrian Derek Whitten watched his dreams fall with the last jump at the Athens Olympics. Not only did he lose the gold medal, but his personal life imploded as well. Now, in financial trouble and needing to sell his prize horse, Derek turns to the one man he trusts. A simple business transaction, that’s all it can ever be, no matter how much he wants it to be something more. Charles DeMorinson never blamed Derek for his horse’s performance at the Olympics. Yet, he watched both of their dreams, and his lover, slip through his grasp. He’s spent the years since regretting not fighting harder for their relationship. But now, Derek’s on his doorstep, and he needs help. Time and distance did little to douse their attraction for each other. And when Derek returns, Charles is ready to stake the claim he should have made in Athens. Except if he on holds too tightly, he’ll earn nothing but resentment. Yet he let Derek go once, and he won’t make the same mistake again. He just has to convince him that they both need one thing – each other.

Comment: First things first, I didn't dislike this book per se, but to be honest, it didn't mean anyhting to me. I was actually disappointed, because the blurb seemed to be one of those stories with a bit of angst, a bit of trial and error to have a better relationship, I was even willing to ignore the part about reunited love (something I try to avoid, as I don't care much for this type of plot), but no. The reason why they separated is stupid, too WTF to believe. It's not just a case of misunderstanding, it's simply stupidity and from then on I wasn't interested anymore. I kept reading because it's something I do, if the author had the trouble to write it, I like to read it all too, but I wasn't a happy camper.
So, they separated for a stupid reason, and years later they see each other again because one of them needs to do business and right then they have sex. Did I mention this happens years later after the break-up? I don't think someone would do it even if still in love with the other person; I mean it's fiction, ok, but this is a contemporary, they were away for lack of trust, to go to the point, and them suddenly, it was like nothing ever happened. Too weak a plot, I think.
Anyway, there's a happy ending, but since page one things didn't work out for me.
Now, I know one book isn't the way an author writes all the time, but this author doesn't have many m/m books, or at least m/m isn't the focus of her books, so...I think I won't insist, the one didn't grab me and I don't want to be disappointed again. Oh well, we learn everytime.

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