Monday, November 28, 2011

Angel Martinez - Finn

 Sanity is relative and the world has room for more than one truth.
When Diego rescues a naked man from the rail of the Brooklyn Bridge, he just wants to get the poor man out of traffic and over to social services. He gets more than he bargained for when Finn turns out to be an ailing pooka, poisoned by the pollution of the city. To help him recover, Diego takes him north to New Brunswick where Finn inadvertently wakes an ancient, evil spirit, the wendigo.
While Diego and Finn struggle to find a way to destroy the wendigo before it can possess Diego or kill nearby innocents, Diego wrestles with his growing passion for Finn. Can they succeed in destroying the monster and in navigating a relationship between a modern man and a centuries-old fairy?

Comment: Another book for the m/m challenge. This is a fantasy story... I mean it has several fantasy elements, but the action isn't exclusive to the woods, so I'd say this is just a paranormal story.
Diego helps a strange man and stops him from jumping from a bridge and takes him home. He likes to help others even if the ones he rescues don't prove to be that thankful. This makes him vulnerable and always in need of help himself, which is why his boyfriend ends things with him.
Finn is a pooka, something out of a Fae legend and in Diego he sees a hero and someone who wants to be needed and who deserves to be loved.
In the end Diego is so much more than he looks like and Finn can't let go.
I enjoyed the story mainly because the writing. It's smooth and blends legend and fiction quite well. We can feel things for the characters, I was sad because of the way Diego was treated by others and I wanted to see Finn experience the good things about human life. I think the author did a great job with the characterization. During the book, we discover more and more things about both protagonists and what it means to be with the other, to fall in love with each other. It's a very unusual plot, usually when books focus on Fae legends it's always about how beautiful and aloof they are, but in this case Finn cares for Diego in a very special way and he's a pooka, not the average Fae. Only for this the is book worth it.
The end was rather rushed, I think. But I've seen there are sequels, I hope to read them one day, only next year, but one day.

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