Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Catherine Anderson - Indigo Blue

Born of two worlds, Indigo Wolf was as free and proud as the noble Comanche blood flowing through her veins. No man has ever possessed her elusive spirit--until a magnificent stranger came to work in her family's mine. Jake Rand's bold caress ignited the flames of a searing desire that bound her to him. Yet, he was a man she dared not trust.

Comment: The third book in the Comanche series by Catherine Anderson. I must say this is currently my favourite. I have hopes for the last one, but this one I liked a lot.
This is the story of Indigo, the daughter of Hunter and Loretta, from the first book. Indigo decided to live and dress like a comanche and despite being in th white world, she doesn't compromise her ideals and takes care of wild animals and has the company of a wolf.
Jake Rand is a wealthy man, who had a miserable youth dur tho his mother's death. Now, together with his brother, they have the suspition their father is guilty of provoking accidents in order to force miners to sell. Hunter's mine is next on their father's plans so Jake goes there, undercover, to check things out. He and Indigo start working together in the mine and because of gossip he proposes to her, to avoid ruining her reputation...
I think this was the best because we have a staright story without all the drama and desillusion that we got from the first two books. I say this because in those we are foced to see the huge difference between the two worlds and how it makes the protagonists to fight each other and see their lives going through so many changes. In this one things are settled, we know what to expect so it's not so hard in terms of understanding the plot and facing their feelings on the world they live in.
Jake and Indigo don't click right away and he takes care of her fears before she admits she is falling for him. I found the story both sweet and tender and I wanted to see them together. As the tone of the book seemed softer too, the story got much more appealing to me.
It was a journey I enjoyed watching and in the end I believed they were really in love.
I'll wait for the next book and hope it's the perfect end for the series.

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