Sunday, November 13, 2011

Miza izanaki - Riding the Tiger

Sometimes life deals you a bad hand. No one knows that more than Evan does. Battered and locked out by his abusive boyfriend, Evan finds himself at The Body Shop. There he finds a safe haven with his long lost twin and his brother's friends. Evan also meets Varian, a weretiger and the newest bouncer at the club. Varian is brave and sweet and the perfect person to help Evan start over. They become fast friends but a run in with his ex brings up the uglier parts of Evan's past. Will Evan's insecurities get the better of him or will Evan find a new life with his handsome weretiger?

Comment: This is a short story about Evan, a young man who is abused by his boyfriend. In the beginning I felt realy sorry for Evan because of the way he was treated. After leaving, Evan is alone and bruised and ends up in an alley, where the meets again his twin brother. He then helps him and welcomes him to the club where he works and the book, Kale, offers him a job.
Evan later meets Varian, a weretiger that will help heal and face his ex again.
I think this story had a lot of possibility to be a larger novel. I think things were a bit to rushed for the kind of issues at hand (abuse and the world of weres) but in the overall, it worked. Nevertheless, I wish I could have seen a bit more about how Evan really dealt with the fact he was abused, I'm sure it takes longer than a few days and one doesn't jump into bed with someone else just because they seem trustworthy.
My only real critic is the fact evan is a bit twink. Nothing against twinks but usually I don't enjoy stories with twinks because they are always in need of help and can't work out things for themselves. i know it's hard to ask for help and that isn't exactly thr problem, it's the whole "poor thing" characterization. I wish I could see a book where one of the guys doesn't want to ask for help, has problems to solve and gets that help but doesn't behave like a twink.
The writing style is good, I think. It simple and fluid and doesn't complicate. Anyway...for the size of the story I'm glad things worked out, but like I said it could be a bigger story.

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