Thursday, November 17, 2011

Willa Okati - Lovers, Dreamers and Me

Tolliver’s buried his own life in taking care of his sister and the independent bookstore his grandmother left him. The minute Noble steps into his life, that changes. Tolliver wants him, but he doesn’t know what to do about it.

Comment: The moment I've read the blurb for this book I decided this had to be the one I'd pick for the challenge.
This is the story of Tolliver, a young man who works on a antique bookstore and never goes out because he has to take care of his younger sister. Then, one day, Noble shows up. He seems to "see" Tolliver in a very special way and that same night night, Tolliver dreams about Noble. Things seem a bit strange for a while, but soon, Tolliver can't hide the attraction and the enchantment Noble has on him.

Since I've read the book I've read some reviews where people couldn't get past Sarah's personality (the sister) or the strangeness of the story. I agree to a point.
Sarah is the one who meets Noble first and he sees in her something but only after meeting Tolliver does he realize he was the one with all the appeal. However, Tolliver isn't thrilled to meet Noble and thinks he doesn't have the time for someone, much less a guy. When things change between them, Sarah proves to be a bit childish and fears Tolliver no longer would care for her and makes some scenes which are, for a 15year old, a bit too much. I think we can understand her if we think about what she went through.
The thing I had more trouble with was the lack of confidence in Tolliver, I get it, yes but while it's understandable inreal life and excusable at times, in a romance I like it when it's in smaller doses, so all the insecurities Tolliver had were a bit too much, not because he had them (that I understand) but because he expressed them all the time, even after saying I love You.
What I loved...well, the initial descriptions, the writing. And the sexual tension. Before Tolliver admits to Noble he feels something, there are amazing scenes charged with sexual tension.
I also loved to see Tolliver realize people care about him and there's more around than his might seem a contradiction but I enjoyed seeing his insecurities change to more confindence. Not all the time, perhaps not at the moment where it should, but in the end it made a good HEA.
This wasn't the first book I've read by the author but so far it was the best.

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