Saturday, December 24, 2011

Drew Zachary - Once Upon a Veterinarian

Ben has a good life. Partner in a thriving veterinarian clinic with his best friend Stacey, he has a great dog, a favorite Chinese take-out place and a great DVD collection. The only thing he doesn't have is a special someone to share his life with. When Ben has a number of poisoned animals come through his clinic, he call in the police, suspecting that these aren't random tragedies, but deliberate killings. Enter Constable Tim Geary. Dog and cat poisonings are fairly low on the priority list, but Tim decides to look into them. The attraction between Tim and Ben is immediate and soon Chinese food and more is on the menu. Life has a way of trying to keep the boys apart, though. Can they find a way to overcome their busy lives and be together?

Comment: This is a sweetstory by Drew Zachary. While looking for a blurb that I'd lie to read more about, I've decided to pick this one. This is the story of Ben, a veterinarian who has a clinic and some animals have been showing up poisened. When he calls the police, Tim is the officer who appears and there's an instant attraction between them. Ben risks calling Tim and they hit it off and start dating. However, everytime they start something more intimate they're interrupted, so often that Tim starts wondering if they have what it takes to build something together.
Well, I have to say the story is full of clichés, things that should work but for some reason don't. The couple starts slowly to get to know each other, they avoid intimacy until well after knowing each other, something I liked because these aren't player characters, they wanted something stronger, more definitive. But they were interrupted all the times they tried to take things further and I think it was a bit too much. Of course, one could say this was because sometimes things aren't meant to be, or that we let so many outside things interfere in out personal lives, ok, but I simply think it was done just to annoy the reader.
When they finally get together and things start to look fine, Ben misunderstands something and they fight. Once again, I got the feeling this happened just to create a stronger angsty moment before the HEA in the end.
In terms of plot I can't say it's the best thing I've read, but I liked reading the story and the romance is sweet, not hot or lame, just sweet. Could be better, yes, more heartfelt, but for the type of story it works out.
Still I recommend it, especially to read between heavier stories...

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