Sunday, January 22, 2012

AKM Miles - Brackets

Photojournalist Austin Edmunds is something of a loner, preferring his own company to all of the people his friends try to set him up with. A new assignment in the Smoky Mountains might just change all that, though, when Austin meets big, sexy hunk, Brack Edge.
Austin has never experienced an attraction as immediate as the one he feels for Brack, and he loves the scenery and people he encounters in the Smokies. Despite all that, life isn’t all fun and games for Austin and Brack. They take on helping out a local kid with his homophobic family, and Austin has a story to finish. The hardest part might just be how Brack and Austin will handle the fact that Austin is a Manhattan man to the core, and Brack is a mountain boy, through and through. Can they find a way to keep it together?

Comment: I've decided to try this book because the blurb captivated me. Then time went by and the ebook has been waiting and waiting in my files for a long time. This year I'm going to read mostly LGBT things I've had in my TBR list.
This month it was this book's time.
Well I was curious about the story ebcause the reader is led to believe one of the protagonists is a loner and then meets someone, you know the rest. I pictured immediatly that he would fight the attraction he surely would feel but then it would be too late because he would fall in love, and more towards the end he would admit it finally.
Yeah right.
For a loner, Austin fell prtty fast, love at first sight? Unfortunally I don't really believe in it, it has to be done - in writing - extremly well, and in this case..not. It hapened too fast. I mean, they acted on it too fast. If he was already in love, who am I to doubt it, but to act right away?here's the fight, the reluctance, the fear of an early commitment, the think-about-this stage? Am I being too cynical here?
Anyway, apart from this, I liked the story, the tale of the dead brothers and sisters and Austin's past. It's all very sad, I've cried a bit too, I think the story was good but it was done a little bit in extremes: Too fast love, too sad stuff. Despite this, it's an easy read, it flows and I didn't get tired of it alhough when they get to the sex parts, of course they have to last. Still, I liked that they switched, I prefer partnership in every aspect of the couple's lives.
The little things, whether personal taste or writing style, marked the way I read so can't say I loved the book...but it wasn't that bad, I'm not sure how to explain...let's just say it's nice but not a favourite.

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