Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Agatha Christie - And Then They Were None

Ten strangers are gathered together on an isolated island by a mysterious host. One by one, the guests share the darkest secrets of their wicked pasts. And one by one, they die...

Comment: This was a re-read. I've read this book along time ago, years ago to be more exact.
I've re-read it for both the portuguese book club and the challenge I'm participating in this year as the author is obviously from Europe.
The book tell us the story of ten people, all invited to stay in an island, and somehow they all start showing up dead. There's no connection between them, they don't know any of the others and there's no reason why anyone might want to kill anybody else. It's a mystery full of litle details and all the answers are, as always, in the characters themselves.
This a clever book by the author, one of my favourites by her, a book whose plot is the most amazing onea nd the end is completely unimaginable.
But more than the way everybody dies or why, there's the how on one of the deaths, the last one, that really made me think, even after a second reading. I can't explain it without spoilers, but it's surprising how one's inner guilt can be a powerful weapon.
I recommend this book to everyone. It's a classic of how the psycological can be the main reason to do something instead of only the circunstance.
I don't have many things to say about this without spoilers, but the author is indeed an expert in the human mind and actions leading the motifs. A great book.

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