Thursday, September 27, 2012

Song #1

One thing about this new interface is that lets me insert videos freely instead of having to put them in a special place. Here's another thing I love, songs. I don't have a favorite band (although Muse and Lana del Rey...), but I have countless songs that I love. Besides I listen to music and read at the same never bothered me to  read and listen to music, I prefer it, actually.
Randomly, I'll post some of them so you can get inspired too. I hope.

I love this song. When it started getting known I was a bit doubtful but the more I listened to it, the more I liked it. I always thought is was made for me lol, I mean, I was rather bad to a person once...I confess I let a situation drag and that person was hurt although we never spoke of feelings and I always said I didn't want commitments or intimacy or anything. I just wanted friendship. And then I said things were in a way I think wasn't the best one and we stopped talking like before and with time and distance (we didn't live in the same place and then we went to university, different ones...) things changed between us. Now I see that person and I regret being that way but I also admit I don't regret the end because I just couldn't see our relationship the same way. But some parts of the song are so me and the chorus...I wonder if that person feels like that when thinking of me.I just saw that person last week and things between us are spent. It's just like the song says, now we are to each other just somebody we used to know.

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