Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2012 Book Statistics

Once again, here I am with 2012 statistics on my book loving life...

During the year, I've read 200 books, how amazing is that I got a pretty round number, hum?
I've read five more than in 2011. I've read more in August and less in January, June, July and September. I have an average of 16,6 books/month.

I've purchased 99 books, spending 598,76 (it's $ 790,55)
I got less 19 books than in 2011.

Of all the books I bought, 145 were of know authors to me, which means I invested in 55 authors.
I've read more paranormal, just like the previous year.

Of all the 200 books, I've sort of graded them like this:
- I loved 36
- I liked 51
- I thought 56 were OK
- I ended up indifferent to 44
- I didn't like much 13 of them.

Favorite authors of the year
This time I didn't have one book I thought was extremely wonderful, I liked several...
In no order whatsoever, my preferences for 2012 were:
Joanna Chambers
JR Ward
Tess Gerritsen
Julia Quinn
Mealjean Brook
Abigail Roux
Linnea Sinclair
Laura Kinsale
JL Langley

Books I didn't like
Four come to mind, interesting how the bad ones got imprinted more...
- Written on Your Skin, Meredith Duran (didn't like either the story or the writing style)
- Siren's Call, Devyn Quinn (story promised a lot and didn't measure up)
- The Renfield Syndrome, JA Saare (no words to say how much I disliked it)
- Spesllcrossed, Barabara Ashford -> this one wasn't bad, just disappointing because the prequel was my absolute favorite of 2011 and I expected much more.

A quick note to mention the m/m books I don't give up on reading.
I've read 28 m/m books and fell in love with David Sullivan's The Sound of Your Voice, loved JL Langley's My Regelence Rake and the best series in the world for me too, Cut and Run series by Abigail Roux and Madeleine Urban, fantastic plot, romance, writing...

TBR List
Right now I have 338 books to read, 98 of them are paranormal. I have less 33 books than last year.

And this is it.
What about you guys?


  1. I love posts with reading stats :-)
    I read a lot less than you - only 61 books read - but more than I thought I would manage when the year started. I actually posted about my best reads of the year recently, you can find them here http://anecasworld.blogspot.pt/2012/12/best-books-of-2012.html

    Which books by Kinsale have you read? I read a bunch of them in the past but nothing in recent times.

  2. I only read one book by her, Flowers From the Storm and it was great! So many details I thought were perfect to the story....
    I do plan on reading more by her.

  3. I've read quite a few of them in my pre-blog days. I've been planning to reread them and write proper reviews... I'll have to see if I still have them and which ones I do have in the TBR pile. My favourite by her was a medieval I think, I must check my ecords...

  4. Wow! 200 books is amazing!!!
    I struggle to get to 100. By struggle I mean I have to read some quick novellas and graphic novels to pump up my numbers. Otherwise I probably would only read about 75 full length novels. Which is still REALLY respectable compared to most people in the world, I think.