Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Louise Allen - The Viscount's Betrothal

Miss Decima Ross knows for a fact that her overbearing family regularly remind themselves to "marry off poor dear Dessy." But who would ever want a graceless, freckled beanpole like herself?

Hearing that she is once more to be paraded in front of an eligible gentleman, Decima hurriedly leaves her brother's house. And encounters Adam Grantham, Viscount Weston, the first man she's ever met who's tall enough to sweep her off her feet...literally! Could such a handsome rake really find her attractive?

Comment: I've finally finished this book. It's funny to read, easy to follow and the sexual tension keeps the book from being boring.

Decima and Adam are trapped in his house with two servants because of the snow. She's 27, a spinster who thinks no man would want her because she's tall and has freckles. He is a viscount who doesn't want to marry and stay with the same woman until he dies but during the time both are there feelings and desire start to developp between them and whan it's time to separate they do it sadly.
I liked how the characters behaved and I especially liked Decima for her convictions and independence. And she was brave to not just givein to Adam when the chance was presented. I liked the jealousy in both of them and the HEA in the end. Very good book to me. Not the best in the genre, but very good.

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