Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Valkyries - Paulo Coelho

This is a modern-day adventure story featuring Paulo's supernatural encounter with angels -- who appear as warrior women and travel through the Mojave desert on their motorbikes. Haunted by a devastating curse, Paulo is instructed by his mysterious spiritual master to embark upon a journey -- to find and speak to his guardian angel in an attempt to confront and overcome his dark past.
The Valkyries is a compelling account of this forty day quest into the searing heat of the Mojave Desert, where Paulo and his wife, Chris, encounter the Valkyries -- warrior women who travel the desert on motorcycles, spreading the word of angels. This exotic spiritual odyssey is a rare combination of truth, myth, imagination and inspiration. Ultimately it is a story about being able to forgive our past and believe in our future.

Comment: I didn't like this book as much as two others I've read by the author. The theme is the same with a different goal. In this book the main character - the author - wants to finf his angel. The path to it is rocky and as usual, with doubts. I think it's too indifferent, there's not such a great connection to the reader, I think. I enjoyed seeing his previous path of discovery much more than this one.
Still, for someone who likes this tyoe of books I'm sure it's a good one. But I preferred the first two books he wrote best, The Alchimist and The Pilgrimage.

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