Sunday, December 12, 2010

Indiscretion - Jude Morgan

When your father is a man of expensive tastes and schemes but very little money, you soon learn to make do. So when Captain Fortune, a well-meaning but profligate ex-soldier in Regency England, tells his daughter Caroline that they are ruined, she automatically starts seeking employment as a governess. Her father, however, has far grander designs for Miss Fortune....
Caro is to become the companion of Mrs. Catling, the rich, fierce widow of her father's old colonel. As Mrs. Catling amuses herself by tormenting her relatives and servants, Caro resolves to make the best of the situation, and soon her beauty and intelligence attract the attentions of male admirers.
Surrounded by people with an alarming readiness to reveal each other's confidences, Caroline is exasperated to find herself implicated in their indiscretions. But will Miss Fortune be able to avoid losing her reputation without losing her head? And will she find at least one good man amongst the genteel set who will take her side, and, indeed, her fancy?

Comment: This book follows Caroline Fortune from her father's announcement that they're poor to the discovery she has an aunt after his death. In the between she is the companion of mrs Catling but leaves when she doesn't allow Caroline to attend her father's funeral. Is it then she meets her aunt and from then on her life changes but not the other's view of her, as a confident. This will get Caroline in trouble, but in the end all is solved.
I enjoyed this novel a lot, although at first it was a bit difficult to go on due to the language, much more precise than other regency authors. But I've come to find that refreshing and different and in the end I actually prefered it like that.
This is a interesting play of confidences and secrets and the ability to listen, which can be as difficult as other things! I especially enjoyed the end, quite ironic but extremely suited.
I'll try another book by the author in the future.

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