Thursday, December 2, 2010

Jamaica Inn - Daphne du Maurier

The coachman tried to warn her away from the ruined, forbidding place on the rainswept Cornish coast. But young Mary Yellan chose instead to honor her mother's dying request that she join her frightened Aunt Patience and huge, hulking Uncle Joss Merlyn at Jamaica Inn. From her first glimpse on that raw November eve, she could sense the inn's dark power. But never did Mary dream that she would become hopelessly ensnared in the vile, villainous schemes being hatched within its crumbling walls -- or that a handsome, mysterious stranger would so incite her passions ... tempting her to love a man whom she dares not trust

Comment: I was a bit disappointed with this book. Not that the story is that bad, but my expectations about it were, as I see now, misplaced.
I believed this story would have the same dramatic atmosphere of Rebecca, but it's a bit more boring, I think.
The characters are quite well depicted and now that has been a few days that I finish it, it all seems better than when I was reading. At the time, the plot seemed too boring to follow, to try to understand but right now it feels more realistic. This is fiction, but human fiction. I mean, the characters feel real and act real, according to the time, it's different from paranormals or happy-ever-afters kind of books where there's always something too perfect. Those books worth what they do, but the opposite happening in this story allows it to have a different feeling.
In the end I liked it but not as much as I thought and it's unlikely that I'll re-read it in a near future.

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