Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Kim Harrison - Dead Witch Walking

Sexy bounty hunter and witch Rachel Morgan prowls the dark streets of Cincinnati, keeping tabs on the vampires and other creatures of the supernatural who prey on the city's innocent and vulnerable inhabitants.
Comment: I had some expectations about this series. It has so many faithful followers that I wish I'd feel the same way but I don't. It didn't seem that special to me.

Ok, the plot is quite interesting and the characters can be mysterious enough to make us wonder, but I don't feel the need to run ASAP to get the rest of the books.

Rachel seemed a bit too naive for someone who has such a demading job. Were this a simple romance, then I'd actually welcome her growing up, but this series has many books and I don't feel like watching the growing in all of them. Plus I must confess I've seen some spoilers - bad me! - and now I feel even less the will to keep going.

I'll give it some time, perhaps in a couple of months or so I might want to read book #2 and give this series another chance.

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