Sunday, December 5, 2010

Relentless - Bailey Bradford

Zane is the alpha of the Gila National Forest pack of shifters; he’s been forced to make some very bad choices—like kicking out Mika Blackwell, a gay shifter who was once Zane’s friend. When he and all other alpha’s of Southwestern packs are called to a mandatory meeting with the Dux Ducis—Aidan Criswell, the man in charge of all shifter packs in the Southwest U.S., something happens that sends Zane fleeing in panic. He’s found his mate, the one person who can complete him—and the one person Zane knows could never want him. Aidan Criswell.

Zane knows that Aidan could never want him, not after what he’d done to Mika Blackwell. Aidan Criswell is as shocked as Zane to discover the man is his mate; the one person he’d been ordered to investigate, who’d had a pack member banned for being gay, and Aidan gets him for a mate? But destined mates are always exactly perfectly matched, and once Aidan accepts that fact, he believes there is more to Zane’s story than meets the eye-- and as Zane is soon to discover, Aidan Criswell is one relentless son of a bitch.

Comment: One of my favourite types or paranormal settings is the shapeshifter's one. I love stories with them because most times there's pack dynamics and I like that. I also love the "mate thing" and the fate deciding who belongs to whom; this is something in our ordinary lives never happens or, at least, we're told not to believe in that, so it's extra sweet to read stories where it does happen.

The story is fun, interesting and I like the unity between the characters.There's some reluctance in them to acept right away their bond, which I like, not even in fateful mates I beieve in love at first sight, it just doesn't ring true. In this case there was some time before they acknowlegde their feelings so, another point for this story.
There's a story before this one but I don't feel the need to read it because both main characters from that story show up in this one and they participate often, so I don't have the need to check their book. Now I have the feeling there's another story coming and I can't wait to read it, because I love when shapeshifters sense and find their mates.

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