Monday, December 20, 2010

T. A. Chase - Shades of Dreams

Stephan Colby is on top of the world. He's the lead singer of one of the hottest new rock bands, and his best friend is in the band to share the success as well. In addition, Stephan's madly in love. Yet Fate has a cruel way of kicking a man in the teeth, and when Stephan's world crashes down around him, he turns to his Rock, his bandmate, the one man who has always been there for him.

Rocky Sanicily has always had Stephan's back, and they've been through a lot together. Rocky has also been in love with Stephan for many years, but has never found the courage to admit it. When Stephan suddenly loses the most important thing in his life, however, Rocky must do everything in his power to keep Stephan from giving up. If he succeeds, will he be able to finally tell Stephan how he feels? And if so, will it bring the friends closer together, or tear apart their relationship forever?

Comment: This isn't the first story I read by the author so I wasn't surprised by the writing style, fast and to the point. This author doesn't spend too much time analysing the characters reasons, decisions, atitudes, which makes things roll quick.
Stephan seemed a bit too fast in his turning point from mourning to love again, but, well, I was never in love, how can I judge?
Still, it was a nice story, interesting plot there although I usually dislike friends to lovers themes.
An author to keep reading :)

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