Thursday, January 13, 2011

Isabel Allende - The House of Spirits

A best seller and critical success in Europe and Latin America, The House of the Spirits is the magnificent epic of the Trueba family - their loves, their ambitions, their spiritual quests, their relations with one another, and their participation in the history of their times, a history that becomes destiny and overtakes them all.

Comment: I've been quite lucky lately because all the books considered more "classic" or serious, have been a great bet and this one isn't an exception.

The story follows the life of Esteban Trueba and everything that happens in Chile during his life. We see his thoughts once in a while but the majority of the book is described in the 3rd person.
The language is crude and doesn't give euphemisms to soften the impact. At first it was strange but then it became clear it couldn't be in another way.
The politics are deeply ingrained in this story but it's part of what makes it more realistic.
The characters are all well done, with things that make them too distinct from one another, but they make the story richer just for being like that.
I couldn't put it down, in two days I've been immersed in their lifes and I loved it even tough it's a tragic ending. At least, sad it is.


  1. Hi S.!

    I'm so glad you enjoyed The House of the Spirits. This is my favorite book by Isabel Allende. I know that she received some criticism & praise at the time she wrote this book because it was said that the "magical realism" used was similar to Gabriel Garcia Marquez. I think it is a gorgeous story.

    I've read and love a few of her other stories. I recommend: De Amor y Sombra (Of Love and Shadows) and Cuentos de Eva Luna (The Stories of Eva Luna). Also Ines del alma mia (Ines of My Soul).

    She also has a YA series that I've not read. I have the first two books in my bookshelves, but have not really taken the time to read them.

  2. Hello! Thank you for reading the posts.

    I did read her YA series..Very good, especially the first two books.
    I only read one book by Gabriel garcía Márquez (Crónica de una muerte anunciada) but I guess it was too small to compare the language. I didn't particularly like Márquez's book.
    This one, was quite good. My local library has some more books by her, I'll try them in the future.